5 Activities That Will Help You Keep Your Family Together

Today more than ever, families need to be strengthened and united. These 5 activities will help your family – despite time and distance – stay strong and together.

With how revolutionized the world is, families have little by little lost that magic that made their members congregate at parties and weekends for the sole purpose of spending time together. For this reason, I consider it important that from time to time the family looks for a good excuse to unite and that these ties are not lost over time.

There are many festivities and activities that members of a family group can use as a pretext to spend quality time together. To make it easier for both children, adults, youth and adolescents, grandparents, uncles, cousins, siblings, parents, grandparents and others to get involved and interact, I will suggest below some ideas that can help your family join and stay that way through thick and thin and that this tradition may also spread from generation to generation:

1. Exercise and sports

It can be from a simple daily walk to a bike ride on Saturday or Sunday morning, in the company of your husband and children. It’s not a matter of you becoming zumba experts or loyal gym-goers, but you will find that, little by little, waking up early, having an orange juice or a hot drink before exercising, putting on your sports clothes, and getting ready. When going out, they will be given a pleasant habit that will not only encourage them to continue with the activity, but they will feel the need to be with the family.

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2. Stew all together

Make sure that they not only arrive at mealtime, but earlier, so that they are involved in preparing the food. Not only eating together is fun, because preparing what you are going to eat as a family is also entertaining and you also learn family recipes to preserve and pass on to future generations.

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3. Birthday, Christmas or New Year’s Eve

They are, in fact, happy times in the lives of families almost all over the world. Many people who live far from their relatives make great efforts around these dates to meet again. If you add to that that these are the ideal seasons for reconciliation and the expression of affection, then try harder to do your part to smooth things over and spend time with your loved ones.

4. Weekend activities

In Colombia, many families usually take advantage of the weekends that include holidays (holidays) to do what we call “pot walks”: which consist of traveling to a river or stream with good flow and preparing a good meal on the shore while children amuse themselves under the supervision of adults who hang out telling anecdotes, stories, jokes or local legends.

Asados ​​(a roasted meat) is also a custom in many parts of America. You will not deny that both ideas are great to have a good time with the family.

5. House cleaning

Although household cleaning (chore) may not be the most fun of all the activities that I have proposed, believe me that it is a good idea to encourage the collaboration of all those who live in a house, since each one will have to put their grain of sand to fix your own rooms and common areas and, why not, ask for help when you need it. Between activity and activity there will be breaks that can be used to be together and remember old family experiences.

As you can read, I propose activities that do not require major investments, that will keep you active, allow you to be together and get to know each other better and that the affection is strengthened and prevails.

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