5 Actions To Avoid Becoming An Absent Mother

If work consumes you and you have no energy when you get home, then this article is for you. Make time with your children noticeable. Learn how to avoid being an absent mother

Nowadays, more and more women have the double task of working at home and outside of it. Therefore, the time to develop our role as mother is greatly reduced, which makes it necessary to transform every moment that we can share with our children into a unique and special moment.

Today the family, home, studies and work demand so much time, that they make it very difficult for the family to coexist, I assure you that there is more than one way in which your children will enjoy their mother without you having to put aside all those activities that you carry out daily. Here are some tips:

1. Use technology to your advantage

Today it is common to see young children with a cell phone or tablet surfing the internet, playing games or watching videos, so these tools could well be applied for the benefit of the family. How? Exchange photos, images (emoticons), audios or videos through which they stay connected even when they are far away; thus the time in which they are not seen will be less and, perhaps, it will pass faster.

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2. Give small details of love

There are times when we feel alone no matter how many people are around us, and our children are no strangers to this feeling. Leave a bit of yourself at home every time you have to go out, be it an article of clothing with your scent, a note stuck in the refrigerator or some delicious dessert that only fits you perfectly. The point is to stay at home even if you are not physically there.

3. Offer quality time

Many people feel that it is better to spend more time rather than a “better time” with their children. The truth is that all specialists endorse the second theory: quality time, in which you dedicate yourself exclusively to the needs of your children, is superior to spending a lot of time with them without paying them the slightest attention. When you can be together, try to put aside the tiredness, anger, problems or stress of the day and dedicate yourself to them with all your being and all your abilities.

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4. Privilege family activities

The weekend is coming, a few days off, to wake up late and do nothing, right? The truth is that the weekend is usually synonymous with deep cleaning, washing clothes or reviewing homework, but from time to time it is necessary to put everything aside to generate coexistence and, therefore, memories. Goodbye order, goodbye homework, Saturday and Sunday are days for mother to become rebellious and enjoy her children at ease (at pleasure): go for a walk, have an ice cream, go to games, laugh out loud and treasure those wonderful childhood moments.

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5. Make them feel that you love them

As our children grow older, the number of times we say “I love you” decreases, perhaps it is because we try not to embarrass them or because we feel that they no longer need to hear it. I have empirically verified that they do. No matter how old they are, they want us to show and express our love for them, so, at least once a day, you should take the time to look them in the eye and tell them how much you love them.

When you thought about being a mother, no one perhaps told you that it would be easy, they probably even tried to make you give up on the idea, but you kept going. When you decided to study or go back to work, you were warned how difficult it would be to reconcile your family with work or study, but you still decided to continue. Do not be overwhelmed if the road looks uphill, do not give up if you feel that you lack strength; Just because something seems impossible doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it, just that it will take a little longer to get there.

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