45 Seconds More And This 6-year-old Girl Would Have Been Strangled To Death At School

A case that as parents we must know.

Posted by Gail Oster on  Thursday, February 16, 2017

We send the children to school every day thinking of this place as a place where they will be safe, while we work or take care of the home. For this 6-year-old Marley who nearly died by strangulation, life has turned into a nightmare.

As reported by Upsocial, Marley was playing in the schoolyard like any other day when suddenly, the lace of the hat he was wearing, got stuck in one of the games in the schoolyard and began to hang himself helplessly. nothing.


Her friend, the same age, and only 6 years old, was able to react more quickly than many of us adults sometimes have and freed her from the death trap that her hat and one of the school games.

“45 seconds more and Marley’s windpipe would have shattered”

Her mother, Gail Oster, wanted what happened to her daughter to be made known so that other parents are aware of the type of outfit and the dangers it can pose for the little ones.

In Marley’s case, the hat she was wearing had a security system that in case of pressure (as in this case in which the girl was left hanging by her straps), they should come off automatically, but it never happened.

IF her friend had not been there, we would now be reporting the death of the little girl or a much more serious accident.

A living nightmare

Posted by Gail Oster on  Thursday, February 16, 2017

Perhaps for us, who are adults, this is just a scare that did not happen to adults, but according to her Gail, her mother, the girl has constant nightmares and panic about going back to school.

Children who die in preventable accidents; her statistics are alarming

According to the CDC Childhood Injury Report, between 12,000 children from 0 to 19 years of age die from ‘intentional’ accidents annually in the USA and 9.2 million are treated for injuries, burns, poisoning, suffocation, among others, annually.

According to the same report

  • Boys are at higher risk of being injured or losing their lives in accidents at home or at school compared to girls.

  • Deaths due to traffic accidents are the leading cause of death in children.

  • 2.8 million children are treated in the emergency room for falls.

  • In the case of children from 0 to 1 year old, 50% of the falls are fatal.

These are just some of the statistics for only one country in the world. The Marley case is just one example of the dangers our children face, and being cautious is never too much. This does not mean that we should be on top of them, but it does mean that we have a responsibility to alert others and to choose carefully what they wear, especially when we are not going to be there.

Marley’s case is not an isolated case, sadly, and in other similar cases the injuries may have been worse or fatal.

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