4 Ways To Know If Your Fears Are The Ones That Really Keep Him Away From You

You’ve been dating that special someone for a while. And at first everything was fine until in a moment he began to move away from you. And you don’t know why. Find out in this article.

You’ve been dating that special someone for a while. And at first everything was fine until in a moment he began to move away from you. And you don’t know why. Each person is different but let me tell you that this can happen for many reasons. The main thing is to know that the couple is built day by day, for the moment and is the responsibility of both. However, it does not hurt to observe our behavior, without obsessing or worrying about more, but to see if we can improve something in our attitude.

Maybe there is something you are failing at that you don’t realize. On many occasions fear is our worst enemy. It is said to be the other side of love. Fear leads us to live a half life, without giving the best of ourselves. In addition, it shows us that we have enormous insecurity. Therefore, the important thing is to strengthen self-esteem and become someone more daring and determined. How? Doing things for yourself, valuing your virtues, forgiving your mistakes, trusting yourself, risking doing new things.

But, in the case of relationships, the important thing is not only to trust yourself but also to trust him. Trust is the foundation of the relationship. If fears and mistrust begin to appear, it is time for you to become aware that you may be distancing yourself if you continue with that attitude.

For this reason, read these 4 ways to know if your fears are the ones that really keep him away from you, that way you can tell if you are making a mistake or not. How can fear manifest itself ?:

Through self-sabotage. You feel that she is the man of your life but you do things to make her get away from you, such as arguing about everything, being jealous when you weren’t before, distrusting her love. If you feel identified, reflect if you really want her to get away from you. Maybe inside you have something unresolved that makes you sabotage the relationship without realizing it.

If you ask excessively if he loves you. The best thing is to wait for him to reveal it to you. It loses value if you ask. In order to keep the flame of love alive, it is important to let everyone be free to express themselves in the way that comes naturally to them. There are men who do not express their love verbally, but show it with deeds.

By committing yourself. If when he proposes that the relationship move forward you always avoid the conversation, but not because you do not love him but because of fear of commitment, it is time to analyze what is happening to you.

-When making decisions

. If he sees you as an insecure woman, who when he asks for your opinion, you do not dare to express it for fear that he will move away, you are making a mistake: you do not let him know your true personality. How can he love you if he doesn’t know you fully? And, on the other hand, in a relationship, we all need to admire the other and that does not happen when one of the two is dependent or insecure.

Keep in mind that men on many occasions move away a little because they are having a bad time and need to be alone. So don’t always believe that if he walks away, it’s because of something you did. Be patient and give him his space. When you see fit, talk in a good way with him. If he has left because of a problem that has nothing to do with you, he will surely continue to show you his love in some way or another.

One piece of advice I give you is to stop making a small problem gigantic. Focus on the good in the relationship, on strengthening and enjoying the moments together and when you are not seeing each other, try to do things that enrich you as a person. That way he will see you as a confident and happy woman. That will make love for you stronger. If he walks away anyway, keep in mind that he may not be the right person for you, you will have other opportunities to meet someone.

It is very important that, if you feel very bad, you consult a psychologist, it will surely help you improve your relationship with yourself and with others.

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