4 Things To Do As An Expatriate Wife And 8 Attitudes To Avoid

4 Tips that can help an expatriate wife to adapt faster to her new environment and also 8 attitudes that I recommend avoiding to facilitate her stay in the host country

In this globalized world of the 21st century, job prospects have changed. More and more work options are presented in conditions very different from those experienced at the end of the 20th century, where a person fulfilled their working hours in an office or established place. Today, jobs are increasingly dynamic and new opportunities are opening up, such as working from home thanks to new information technologies, for example. But if your job offers you the opportunity to develop your professional career in another country and you and your family decide to accept the opportunity, then you will become part of the group of expatriate families and the mother of the family, it is very likely that you will identify yourself as an expatriate wife.

Many aspects of family life revolve around the mother of the family, not because she feels indispensable, but because it is the role that women usually play, but especially when she accepts the opportunity to be an expatriate wife. Although the following statement sounds like a cliché: “if the mother of the family is well, everything in the family will flow better.” For this reason, if you are in that adaptation process, I offer you:

Four tips on what you can do as an Expatriate Wife

1. Get informed

  • Read everything you can about the country, before moving and during your stay in the country, in addition to enriching your culture, it will help you to relate better in the new destination

  • Search the internet for sites for expats that offer a lot of advice from how to prepare an international move, to contact pages and groups or associations of expats in different countries

  • Go to cultural walks with an organized group, in addition to knowing, it will allow you to better understand the country to which you just moved and make friends

  • Try to meet and connect with expatriates who have been in the country for some time, who will be able to share many tips that will help you establish yourself faster

2. Adapt

  • Join a book club

  • If you practice any sport, find a place to practice it and frequent it a lot, to avoid getting depressed

  • If you have children, attending school meetings is a good way to meet other moms who are in the same situation as you.

3. Contribute

  • Joining a social work group allows you to somehow thank and give back to the host country for everything you receive from it.

  • If you practice any religion, find the temple where you feel comfortable and return to the weekly services as soon as possible

4. Adopt the culture of the country

  • Try to connect with local people and families, since you can become friends for life with very valuable and generous people who will open the doors of their home to you

  • If the economy allows it, try to take classes in something that you have always wanted to learn and have not been able to do, such as photography, cooking, baking, yoga, meditation, painting, sewing, jewelry, scrapbook : there are infinite things that one can do

  • Take lots of photos to share with family and friends, keep them in a digital archive and save a backup somewhere else or in the cloud; since it will be the digital memory of an unrepeatable family experience

Eight Attitudes I Recommend Avoid

Living in a country that is not yours can become a continuous martyrdom and, therefore, I suggest you avoid the following attitudes for the good of yourself and your family:

  • Criticize the culture and customs of the host country

  • Compare the current country with the previous ones, because it is very uncomfortable for other people and especially for locals

  • Avoid spending all your time complaining about the weather, the service, the food, etc … with this you generate negative energy around you and will cause people to move away

  • Always talk about everything good about your country: patriotism makes us think that our own country is unique

  • Talk about the politics of the country, its rulers, or the official religion of the host country; one must be very respectful to avoid confrontations

  • Call the third world country or developing country. Many times these or other labels can be considered a lack of respect for the place and will surely spark sparks among local people

  • Stay locked in your house, since you will be missing many opportunities and it is very likely that you will end up depressed

  • If your period in the country is about to end, be sure to attend meetings with other expatriate wives; Remember that you were also the newcomer at one point and you needed the support of someone with experience in the place and there was someone who gave you their friendship

Whatever activity or activities you decide to do, it is recommended that you attend these activities regularly; to re-establish a routine, and I do not mean to do an activity in a routine and boring way, but rather to structure a schedule and calendar of activities, which allows you to dedicate time to your personal growth as a woman and mother of a family, stay active, socialize, meet new friends, who, although it may seem incredible, can meet again somewhere else on the planet. And above all and most importantly, keep a positive attitude!

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