4 Serious Health Complications That Your Mobile Phone Causes To Your Body

Know the main evils that the cell phone is producing in your body

Technology is increasingly surprising due to the speed at which it is developing and all the wonders that can be done through it. However, the excess and misuse of these far from helping the man, is affecting him more and more. That is why it is important that you know its main effects.

1.Text neck (text neck)

The physiotherapist Oriya Dasoju assures that the related pains caused by the bad posture taken when looking at the cell phone are more and more. Headaches related to tension in the neck appear, discomfort in the arm and shoulder also occurs. According to the physiotherapist, the problem originates from the inclination of the head to the screen, which causes a strong tension in the front and back of the neck. If it is not treated in time, it can cause occipital neuralgia, when the nerves in this area become inflamed or damaged.

2. Damage to the eyes

The LED screen (composed of Light Emitting Diodes) emits a light charged with a strong dose of energy, which can be very harmful to the eyes. This will depend on three things: the time the person is in front of this type of screen, the distance they have and the spectral composition of the light. In the case of children, they receive this impact three times more than an adult thanks to the fact that they are more likely to bring the screen closer to their eyes.

3. Nomophobia

It is the excessive and irrational fear of not being with your Smartphone, feeling anxiety because your battery ran out or you already have little, lost it, left it somewhere or has no coverage since they feel isolated from others. A study conducted in the United Kingdom by the Post Office and the YouGo Demographic Institute revealed that this disorder affects 48% of the female population, while 53% of men suffer from this phobia. This is more common in adolescents due to their need to be accepted by society and to be in contact with technology, presenting rapid heartbeat, headache and stomach pain, feelings of anxiety and obsessive thoughts as the main signs

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4. Affects sleep

Using any device before going to sleep affects the quantity and quality of sleep of any person and increases the chances of suffering from a sleep disorder, assured Guadalupe Terán Pérez, Coordinator of Sleep Disorders of the UAM Iztapalapa «With regard to parasomnias, the presence of nightmares especially in people who usually listen to music in bed before sleeping … “and explained” light is perceived through the retina and it travels to the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a structure considered our biological clock, so when stimulated with artificial light our sleep cycle is altered causing phase delay and, in some cases, insomnia ».

These are just a few evils that science is detecting in the human body. The solution is for each person by moderating the time spent in front of a screen, regulating the distance in which he faces the front, not seeing it at night before sleeping (three hours before is recommended), taking care of posture when taking a mobile, etc. Things in moderation and good use are always better, prevent!

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