4 Reasons For Your Daughters Not To Become Princesses

Are you sure you want your daughter to be like an animated movie princess? Me that you, I thought twice; here I tell you why.

It is increasingly common to see that many of the products intended for girls refer to Disney princesses. Clothes, accessories, personal hygiene items, plates, glasses, lunch boxes, backpacks and, of course, toys, are just a few of the many objects decorated with the entire range of royal damsels.

It doesn’t matter much if they are blonde, brunette or brunette; Whether they live in beautiful castles, at the bottom of the sea, or locked in a tower, they all end up setting a model of what it means for many of our girls (and even adult women) to be a woman. Have you ever stopped to think what these princesses would be like, if they really exist? What would your daily life be like, what would your dreams be like and how would you go about achieving them? I will tell you what I have thought about it:

1. They almost always expect a man to save them

While recent movies have introduced us to some princesses much bolder than the now somewhat old-fashioned Cinderella, almost all of them are still waiting for a handsome prince – or a commoner, but handsome – to help free them from a spell, an evil witch or a fate that seems inescapable. It seems that by themselves they do not have the strength, courage and intelligence to do so, while men are always recognized for these attributes.

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2. They always have someone to do things for them

It does not matter if they are fairy godmothers, elves or forest animals, they always have someone by their side who solves any problem for them. Even many of these beautiful ladies still have servants or nannies who help them dress, eat and other daily activities. Self-sufficiency does not seem to be a highly valued attribute in them, as well as confidence in themselves.

3. They wear uncomfortable dresses

Surely you have heard that phrase that reads forcefully: “beauty hurts”, as if it were a fatal destiny for every woman. And it is that, although it seems funny, in the XXI century it seems that the attire of the Disney princesses continues to function as a model of what the female body should be: upright, slim, well proportioned, with a beautiful face and perfect smile, wearing always a tight and impeccable dress. No matter what the body has to go through, you always have to make a good impression in the eyes of others.

4. They do not choose, because they always fulfill their destiny

Despite the terrible witches and their spells, the enchanted forests or the terrifying creatures, they always fulfill their destiny and are happily ever after. But did someone ask them where they wanted to go and which way to go? Indeed, princesses are almost never free to choose their course, but are led to their destination, which is broadly one and the same for ladies of rank. How difficult to accept that “being happy” means the same for everyone! Or that if you change your mind, you cannot regret it and it has to be that way forever!

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Although it is not a question of prohibiting our girls from any princess movie, of changing the decoration of their room and renovating their wardrobe, it is important to make them see, as a game, some of the characteristics of these characters. Maybe it helps to place a princess in real situations and imagine what she would do dressed like this or without knowing how to defend herself against some evil.

Let us work to educate self-confident, brave and independent girls, not fearful princesses of the world, who wait for a prince charming to save them.

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