4 Questions To Know If Your Marriage Is Going Well

We spend little time reflecting on well-being in marriage when it is assumed that there is no problem. However, these four points are worth stopping and considering.

Saying to your partner: “Good morning, love” or giving a kiss when you wake up accompanied by an “I love you”, can become a tasteless routine of every day when these actions lack passion, emotions and feelings.

Have you ever stopped to reflect on whether your marriage is going the way you expected? You feel happy? Is your husband happy? Many marriages live in appearances reflecting being very in love and thus continue serving many years of relationship. They hide their unhappiness, because they believe that there is no way to return to feel the passion, dedication and commitment that they previously had.

Without further ado, they let the years go by preserving that relationship that one day was the great motivation to achieve goals and that now has only become habit and tasteless. Therefore, I invite you to reflect on your marriage, perhaps there are some changes that you should make as a couple to feel full, happy and motivated again.

1. Do you know your goals?

All marriages initially have goals and objectives in common, but when it is a relationship of several years, they take different paths. Much has to do with the obligations and responsibilities that the well-being of the family entails, even so, the two must focus their efforts on pursuing the same dreams.

Commitment, responsibility and knowing how to prioritize the important things are essential elements for your marriage to go well. Knowing clearly your partner’s goals strengthens the union and bond in a marriage. Do you know what they are?

2. Do you know their needs?

The basis of knowing the needs of the couple is listening attentively, observing the things that they like or dislike. Are there constant talks to publicize what each one needs? Do they join forces to achieve it?

The need for affection, a hug, a long kiss, a caress, or simply the need to have a free space to dedicate to oneself, are fundamental aspects to strengthen the bonds of marriage.

3. Who makes the decisions in the relationship?

If all the decisions that your husband makes involve your well-being, your tastes and your hobbies, then you must appreciate that you have a great man by your side. If otherwise he makes decisions that do not make you happy, that do not meet your expectations and you feel that in them you have no say, your relationship is in danger.

There must be a balance in decision-making: from the important ones, which change life in a family (a job change) to the simplest ones (choosing to watch a movie), which do not have serious consequences.

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4. How do you act in case of illness?

There are many kinds of illnesses, but among the most common such as a cold, have you been observing your husband’s behavior? There are many marriages that, due to the degree of commitment and responsibility to provide the well-being of the family, ignore any feeling of discomfort. However, health must be a priority to feel good.

If your husband cares about you, takes care of you and takes care of you so that you can get well soon, it is a good sign that your marriage is going well, since his priority is you. Otherwise, if your husband doesn’t care about your discomfort, he is acting self-centered and your marriage is out of balance.

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Just as you ask yourself and observe your husband’s behavior, I invite you to also do the same with yours. If you identify that things in your marriage are not going well, it is advisable to discuss it with your partner, look for solutions to feel the passion in your marriage again, learn to listen to their needs and conquer your dreams together.

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