4 Ideas To Make Your Children Feel Loved

Parents’ work does not end over time, for that reason, it is important that the bond between parents and children remains strong. Do you know how to make your children feel loved? Lessons to love.

If there has been an immense challenge for parents of all time, it has been to let their children know that they are loved. Now, how do you make your children know about that love you have for them? I’m going to turn to my personal story to advise you on how – a story that makes me laugh today but that when I was a child generated tremendous anguish.

When I was little I felt that my parents did not love me, and I never missed an opportunity to reproach them; My mother, who spent more time at home raising us, was evidently distressed by my continued claims of mine and my exhaustive search for adoption documents. Absurd, right? Today it seems ridiculous to me. In my head there was no other way to justify the punishments that they applied to me unless I was adopted, that according to the thought of an eight-year-old girl.

I must confess that now that I remember this and write it down, I laugh. But back then it wasn’t like that. I always got this nonsense when I was reprimanded for something. I must say that I have never had a submissive character, I was always on the warpath with a protest in my mouth and being quite rebellious; yes, I was a very difficult girl and because of that I earned a lot of spankings and other punishments. Believe me, being born daughter did not provide them things or my parents or me, and as my sister was not going so badly with that of punishment and reprimands, because my “neurosis” rising tone, as he was always comparing the way my younger sister was brought up to mine. I am going to put it this way: parents learn how to raise their children with the first-born, and with infinite certainty I must add that with the other children they do not make the same mistakes as with the oldest child.

My mother did not have it any easier, being raised in a home where the physical expression of affection was almost nil, at least on the part of my grandmother, who, incidentally, had been raised in the same way. That certainly didn’t make it much easier for him to make us feel loved, but he managed. And that way in which my mother learned to show us and make us feel loved is what I am going to share next:

1. It did not depend on money

At home, money has never been left over, but that was no excuse for my mother to get some fabrics and make us nice clothes, a hair belt or a small detail. And we liked everything she did, no matter how small.

2. We never needed anything

Although as girls we always wanted the latest toys or some other expensive object, they could not give us those tastes; However, we had what we needed: clean clothes, food on time, her company and teachings, that is why we always realized the great effort that my mother made to give us the best and what we need.

3. He had time to help us with schoolwork

That’s right: even in college. No matter how tired she was, she always helped us research homework and we never went to school without homework done. And the late nights (sleepless) when I was at university I have not forgotten!

4. He played with us or read to us before sleeping

Right now I close my eyes and see her taking off her shoes, which she has always hated, but she did it to play hopscotch and ball with us, and at night she would sit on one of the beds to read to us; That is priceless.

I am sure that at some point in your life you have wondered if your children feel loved. Well, I will tell you that although on many occasions I felt “adopted”, because my mother did not say “I love you” or gave me a hug as often as I would have liked, her many details and sacrifices over the years They have more than demonstrated this to me and are a precious gift that I will always remember.

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