4 Ideas To Keep Love When Your Husband Works In Another City

Don’t let the distance put a barrier between you and your partner, read on and find out how. When your husband works far away: long distance love is not to be thought of, it is to be lived.

I remember when my grandmother told me about the difficulties of staying home alone while my grandfather went to work for several months in a distant place. My grandfather was involved in the construction of roads in Mexico and, consequently, he traveled constantly to rural parts of the country that needed road networks. At that time my grandmother already had three daughters. I remember her telling me that she went shopping with a girl in each hand and the baby — my mom — snug in a shawl. This image is powerful as it helps me understand the difficulties a mother and wife have when their husband works away from home.

In itself, maintaining a strong and stable relationship is complicated, and when you add the distance factor, everything becomes even more complicated. Let me tell you that although more difficult, it is not impossible, since my grandmother taught me with her own example that a happy relationship can be achieved despite the distance – my grandparents were married every day of their lives.

Here are some ideas so that this long-distance love does not end up distancing your relationship as well:

1. Plan ahead

It is not easy to maintain a relationship when the mother is overwhelmed by taking care of the house and the children on her own. That is why it is a good idea to plan in advance who you can contact to help with the care of the home and children; in the same way, it is good to plan activities so that they are not thought and done at the last minute.

2. Stay in communication

It is essential that they communicate daily, yes, you read that right, daily. Any relationship requires talking every day even a little bit, and this shouldn’t change just because your husband is far away. With the technology that we really have, there is no excuse for not talking even for a few minutes during the day.

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3. That the husband does not leave alone

In order to maintain the relationship it is important that the husband feels close to home even though he is far away. Before he leaves you can write him a letter, or print pictures of the family so that he has something to do at the end of the day that causes him a smile, a good memory or a feeling of closeness.

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4. Make the reunion memorable

Try to plan something special each time your husband returns. It is important that she feels that she has been missed and that she is an essential part of the family. I’m not telling you to plan a party, but you can, for example, prepare your favorite food, plan a romantic date, organize a walk in your company and that of the children, and so on.

No one said marriage was easy, and while a long-distance love makes it a bit more complicated, there are ways to make it shorter and not create a barrier in your relationship. It’s a matter of the two of you working hard to keep your marriage alive and well, rather than letting distance make your happy marriage a thing of the past.

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