4 Everyday Habits That Lead To Bankruptcy

You can organize your personal finances if you put a little effort and perseverance. What are you doing to achieve it?

They say that money does not make happiness, and less when it is little, right? If you are one of those who wonders at the end of the month what has happened to the money you had, it may be time to evaluate your financial habits, since many of them can lead you to bankruptcy.

We live in a consumer society, and in a culture of buying, spending, throwing away what is useless and buying again. Many times we do not take into account that there are small deeply ingrained customs that can make our pockets weak.

If you want to manage your finances wisely, experts They advise avoiding a series of practices in order to save money, slowly but surely.

These are the habits to avoid if you don’t want to easily go bankrupt:

1 Focus on what you don’t need

“I need new clothes”, “I need the latest iPhone”, “We need new furniture.” Actually, how much of all of it do you really need? Yes, no one says that it is not nice to have nice and new things at home, but if your goal is to save or to advance in your life, buy in acompulsive everything you see will not lead you to your goal.

Focusing on priorities will save you some money to invest in something more important. It’s nice to go on a vacation to the sea every year, but if you and your partner want to buy a car, pay off debt, or buy a house, certainly those glitzy vacations should wait.

2 Spend on pleasure before paying what is necessary

You work all day and it is logical that you want to go out to dinner on the weekend, or buy that set of garden furniture that fascinates you. But you still have to buy the supplies for your son’s school, or pay the house fee they are building.

It is true that sometimes the idea that we have that our economic fluidity is little, makes us think “Why am I going to save if I can’t afford anything?”, Then one goes and spends on superfluous things. Give yourself little pleasures, of course. Now, the truth is that if you want to save money, you should stop spending excessively on things that don’t let you save.

3 Not investing in education

Robert Kiyosaki,Author of the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, among other successes, says ” The most important asset we have is our mind. If you are well trained, you can create vast amounts of wealth in what seems like an instant . “

What the famous author tells us is that we should not skimp on expenses in education, since it is knowledge that will give us greater possibilities in life. Invest in education before anything else, and then you can generate wealth for everything you want.

4 Do not detach from the credit card

For many, the credit cardIt is a salvation, but for others it ends up being the downfall. It is a relief to be able to buy in installments and take advantage of many offers from credit institutions, but the truth is that when you use the card in an excessive way, then you will have it occupied for the really necessary expenses.

Therefore, many times it is a good idea not to have the card with you wherever you go, because many times you can be tempted. Likewise, you must be clear that even if it may not seem like it, all those small expenses then accumulate in the summary and you will pay a fortune, in addition to going out of your monthly budget without realizing it.

Leave the use of your credit card reserved for smart purchases. For example, something that costs you a lot of cash, you can buy it in installments and it will be a relief for your finances. Although some experts have theirobjection to use of the credit card, if it is well used, you can take advantage of it.

Organize your finances

If you want to make your personal finances a success, you just have to put your ideas and your way of proceeding a little in order. In addition to avoiding the list of practices described above, you should keep in mind that you don’t get rich overnight (unless you win the lottery) but through perseverance and effort.

Be a conscious consumer

Stop buying to buy. Don’t waste your money on things that quickly lose their value. And if you are becoming a compulsive shopper, and this does not allow you to save, follow the advice ofMarie kondo.

Don’t be conformist

Most of us live on a single income. But you can also generate more assets with some other undertaking or work you do. If you really want to move forward, don’t complain and get to work. Work and effort will be the only thing that will make you succeed.

Budget your expenses

Writing down everything and keeping a record of income and expenses can help a lot in the order of your finances. A special notebook, an excel spreadsheet or any application on your cell phone can help you. Visualizing your earnings and your expenses will make you keep a more detailed control of your economy and finances.

Put these tips into practice and be on your way to financial success. It all depends on you and the will you put into it. It may cost at first, but the payoff will be sweet. Go ahead!

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