4 Effective Tips To Take Care Of The Eye Contour

Delaying the effects of aging around the eyes can be achieved with some easy and simple tips. Get to know them!

Maintaining a perfect face is one of the priorities of women, to feel beautiful and attractive, however, many times due to environmental issues, bad habits and age, it is almost impossible to achieve it. However, thanks to scientific advances, having dark circles left from the eyes (dark circles), bags due to accumulation of water or inflammation, are mild conditions that can be easily treated.

The eye contour is made up of thin and thin skin, it does not contain enough sebaceous and sweat glands and the function of blood circulation is slow, so there is not enough drainage in that area. Thus, visible signs of premature aging occur. Some other causes can be: lack of sleep, tiredness, fluid retention, dehydration, having an unhealthy diet or hereditary factors.

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Effective tips to care for the eye contour

1. Cleanse the skin

To counteract the effects of aging and improve the appearance of the eyes, it is important to clean every night and moisturize the eye contour, before sleeping. Because makeup clogs pores, hindering their natural oxygenation, in addition to making the skin dull and darken. Remember that cells are renewed when we sleep.

Wash your face with water and neutral soap, then apply some make-up remover or cream suitable for your skin type, you can even apply olive oil or petroleum jelly, then spray rose water lotion, to make your face clean and hydrated.

2. Tea bags

There are many varieties of tea that you can apply around the eyes, by doing so, you will delay the aging of the cells, increase their elasticity, reduce puffiness and dark circles. Prepare a tea, boil water and introduce two bags of chamomile tea, let it steep until it cools down and store it in your refrigerator. Then before sleeping, place the bags over your eyes as compresses. You don’t need to wash your face afterwards.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber contains a lot of water, vitamins A, B, and C, as well as minerals like potassium, sodium, and calcium. So it becomes a useful way to reduce bags under the eyes, helping to reduce inflammation and dark appearance, due to its refreshing and hydrating qualities. Wash the cucumber and cut it into thin slices, before going to sleep and with a clean face, apply the cucumber slices on your eyes for 15 minutes.

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4. Moisturizing cream

After washing your face, moisturizing it and applying a home remedy such as those mentioned above, apply a moisturizing cream on your face, preferably at night or at night, which will help your skin to regenerate cells.

Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet, drink water and exercise, as well as avoid smoking and drinking excess alcohol. Taking care of your health and the appearance of your face is within your reach; If the dark circles, bags or swelling do not disappear easily, go to a specialist.

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