4 Different Plans For The Birth Of Your Child

The birth of your baby is not something you should leave to chance, find out and create a plan.

Of the many things that we can plan, or perhaps should, the birth of our children has to be a priority. I know many couples who have learned a lot about how to care for a baby, but I don’t know many who have thought that there is endless scientific evidence and opinions on how to bring the baby into the world in the first place. I think we have reached the point where we do not question what happens in a hospital, since we think that everything that is done there is necessary, and while many procedures are necessary, many others are not.

It is important to recognize that all procedures that are carried out in a hospital (if that is where you plan to have your baby) have their reason and purpose, but not all are necessary when you have a normal and uncomplicated pregnancy. Many routines were designed and planned for women who have a high risk pregnancy, and fortunately, this is not the majority. So I invite you to consider the following points, inform yourself and create a plan that works for you and your family.

  1. Natural delivery or with anesthesia. It is important to do research to decide if you want a natural birth or with epidural anesthesia, since there are risks with anesthesia that we often do not know. So get informed and make the decision before at least half of your pregnancy (20 weeks gestation).

  2. Wait or induce yourself. You also have to decide if you want to wait for your labor to start naturally or if you agree that the doctor induces it after a certain time. Find out about this point, since in the same way that anesthesia has its risks, inducing yourself before your body and the baby are ready also has quite a few risks, especially if your pregnancy is not high risk and you and the baby are healthy.

  3. Break the fountain. If your labor is “slow” many doctors choose to break your water and assume that you agree to this procedure. Again, decide if you agree to it before your labor begins.

  4. Episiotomy. In the times of our grandmothers, and perhaps our own mothers , episiotomies did not exist, and today they are done almost as a routine – even when they are not necessary – in many hospitals, so if you do not agree to have one done, put it in your plan and let your doctor know as soon as possible.

The power of information is priceless when it comes to your baby and your body. I invite you to read a lot and decide in a plan what is best for you, your baby, and your family. If you decide that you do not want any of these procedures, tell your doctor, and if your doctor does not want to follow your wishes, I recommend that you look for another, because remember that you are paying them for their services. I wish you the birth that you have thought and even dreamed of!

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