30 Reasons Why I Love Being Pregnant

Despite the horror stories we hear, pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages in a woman’s life. Today I share with you 30 reasons why being pregnant is really wonderful.

Is it crazy to say that you like to be pregnant after having four babies? Where is your head? Doesn’t your back hurt? Aren’t your feet swollen? Do you like to feel tired all the time?

Tiredness and discomfort

I do not like feeling tired all the time, and of course there are discomforts during pregnancy (nobody thinks the nausea and heartburn of the first months are cute). And of course there are situations that you would rather not have to go through. Like when you have to run after your children, even if your belly is the size of a watermelon.

The most beautiful stage

Despite everything, it is impossible to deny that pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of a woman’s life. And even more so when our maternal mind idealizes those memories, making them look even more beautiful in the memory.

For mothers who cannot enjoy their pregnancy

I do not judge those who are not so excited during those nine months full of changes. I suppose that for some, pregnancy is a difficult, painful, and even dangerous experience. My admiration for them for emerging victorious from that test of bringing a human being into the world.

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My experience

I share with you today my exciting experience of being pregnant five times. I would love for you to remember how beautiful it was to bring a life into the world. Or you will focus on the positives of this stage, if you are expecting a baby.

Some or all of these wonders happen when you’re pregnant

  1. You become the co-star of a beautiful love story and the bearer of a new life. You are a star!

  2. You live in your own flesh the miracle of leading a life inside you.

  3. A little person grows within you that you still love without knowing, and that will surely have many of your characteristics or those of your life partner.

  4. You can know and hear him before holding him in your arms, thanks to ultrasounds and that device that reproduces the sound of his heart.

  5. You feel your baby’s movements and you can’t stop marveling at them. Whether it is the first or fifth child, it is always a shocking experience.

  6. You can take your baby with you everywhere, and better yet, without having to worry about packing diapers or bottles, or an extra change of clothes. You know that he is with you day and night, happy, warm, well eaten and that you do not interrupt his breaks.

  7. Stretchy clothing and flat shoes are cute and comfortable. I confess that many times I wear these clothes even without being pregnant.

  8. Naturally, you want to lead a healthier life, you start to move more, you improve your diet, you drink more water … You want to give your child the best start.

  9. You forget negative habits like junk food, sedentary lifestyle, flavored drinks, and so on.

  10. At the same time, you have the perfect excuse to eat delicious meals or take extra breaks without feeling guilty.

  11. You have strange cravings, but at the same time they give you enormous pleasure, greater even than from your favorite food when you are not pregnant. For me it has been the spiciness, the sour flavors and the shaved ice. Lots of ice, please!

  12. Your overall health improves. Recently, it has even been discovered that having more than three children or continuously until they are 35 years old, physiologically guarantees a youth and strength that other mothers do not enjoy. In this last pregnancy, my asthma problem suddenly disappeared. The pulmonologist explained to me that it was common during pregnancy.

  13. You see everything rosy, the future becomes more promising, you have a great illusion in your life and you sigh all the time.

  14. You have a special glow on your face: you radiate the light of happiness.

  15. Someone who carries in his body the joy of a new life, looks irresistibly tender.

  16. It is a great time to socialize. People ask you about your baby, the name, if it will be a girl or a boy, and they even want to touch your belly.

  17. You receive special attention: people try to give you the place, the way or even open the door. A few days ago I went to pick up an enlargement of my pregnant photographs to put next to the baby’s crib. However, the person who attended me did not want to charge me for the impression.

  18. Maternity photos are beautiful, you look radiant.

  19. You have the perfect excuse to take thousands of selfies ! You want to document every moment of these 9 months.

  20. This is the time in life when having a large abdomen is really beautiful.

  21. You are thrilled to see your husband so proud to walk by your side and show off his beautiful pregnant wife.

  22. He also treats you with a special tenderness and care. And how not to do it? Now there are two people she loves deeply in the same body!

  23. He marvels at you at the changes you go through, and the different stages like hearing your heart for the first time, seeing the first ultrasound, feeling the first movement, and so on.

  24. If you have other children who are at the age to understand what the arrival of a little brother means, you live their emotion, their attention and care.

  25. You are excited at first not knowing if it will be a girl or a boy and later find out.

  26. You choose a name that represents something important to you, reminds you of a loved one, or just sounds lovely.

  27. When the time comes, it is a source of great joy to buy things for the baby.

  28. You are looking forward to or planning your baby shower .

  29. You get creative, you get inspired to decorate your space.

  30. The day of delivery is one of the most exciting of your entire life, from the moment you feel the first contraction until you hold your beautiful baby in your arms. It is a sublime experience!

I must confess that some of the most beautiful and romantic phrases that my husband has told me have been while waiting for our children. It makes me fall in love to see him so excited. How not to be happy to bring a new life to the world!

You, what would you add to this list?

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