3 Ways You Prevent Your Children From Growing Up Happy

You as a mom have attitudes that prevent the healthy development and growth of your children. Avoid them!

The overprotection that you provide your children as a mother is not only detrimental to their healthy development and growth, but also does not allow them to develop social skills.

Do not play with the earth because you are going to get sick! Do not get on the swings that you are going to fall! Put on a sweater or you will get sick! Do these phrases remind you of your childhood? Most of us who are moms make the mistake of overprotecting our children when they don’t really need it. Watch out! You will affect their sense of security, they will develop little or no confidence in what they do and they will have no self-esteem. But how to avoid it?

Because of the experience I have acquired as a mother, I share my experiences, which I believe are the most important to take into consideration.

1. Trust your children

Have your children surprised you with attitudes or activities that you did not know they were capable of doing? I assure you yes, and I also assure you that your first reaction was fear of the risk to their health and safety: climb a large tree, cross the street alone, turn on the stove, approach pets without supervision, grab knives from the table, cut with very sharp scissors, etc. And I also assure you that the first thing that crossed your mind was the damage that could be done and you forbid them to do it again and you even punish them.

Instead of repressing them, ask them to show you what they did, how they did it and if they would do it with you accompanying them. In this way, in your company, they will learn from each other, to trust each other.

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2. Let them solve their problems

You must allow your children to try to solve problems themselves: from putting on their clothes, opening their backpack, turning on the TV, drawing to their liking, eating alone without cutting the meat. Well, what will happen in the future is that they will not know or be able to solve any problem that comes their way unless you are there to help them.

You are on time, avoid giving them unnecessary protection, so that they do not depend on you to solve everything. This will give them security and confidence in their growth.

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3. Allow them to develop defenses

Mealtime is the most important time in your home: healthy and nutritious meals that you prepare, abundant and balanced meals, in short, we do everything for them. But think for a moment that the food that they do not receive at home should not be prohibited, because in this way they will develop the defenses that the body needs to avoid a number of illnesses or adverse health conditions in the future.

Buy them without fear foods that you know are delicious and that are not always in your house: Tacos, tortas, juices, quesadillas, sopes, etc. Well, the intestinal fauna will be enriched and strengthened by offering them all kinds of food in the right measure.

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Allowing your children certain freedoms, well guarded and supervised by you, will allow them to grow and develop normally. And you, as a mother, will also gain confidence in your children by allowing them to understand life.

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