3 Ways To Teach Your Young Child

Now is the time to invent new activities for your child aimed at achieving one goal: to learn from what is around him.

You’ve reached the point where your little one’s restlessness and curiosity force you to seek out new activities together. The everyday bores him and he does not entertain himself with the toys and games of yesteryear. He no longer stays still in his chair and just watches you. The time has come to invent new activities aimed at fulfilling one objective: the one that learns with what is around him.

He is at the stage where he is already walking, he can explore every corner of the house, he can approach those objects that catch his attention due to their color or shape, he already has a vocabulary that allows him to create his own sentences and communicate that it is what you want and need. With an awareness of the world around him, it will be up to you to make his experience towards knowledge as fun and simple as possible.

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Learn playing

It is the easiest and most fun way to learn. You can create with your imagination role plays, games with pre-established rules, games where learning numbers, letters, colors and shapes is very easy. For example, you can make the basic figures on a sheet of paper: triangle, circle, square, rectangle and trapezoid, color them in different tones, place the sheet on the ground as if it were a mat and with a ball or doll, throw it so that it falls. inside the mat. In order for him to pick it up, he will have to answer which figure it corresponds to and what color it fell in. It can also stand and position itself on the figure you tell it to. This way you will go from one to another and will also be exercising.

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Learn by example

The little ones, although it may not seem like it, are watching everything that happens around them. Unconsciously, his brain is picking up on all the movement going on near him; so when you least realize it he is doing (by imitation) what you do. If you approach it positively, this will help you create in it those habits that are common in you: what you do on your house cleaning days, preparing food, what you do before going to sleep and when you wake up.

Learn by experimenting

The stage in which he grabbed everything and put it in his mouth recently ended. The time has passed to move all dangerous objects away from his reach and now aware of his surroundings he will search for those objects that he needs. He had to experiment with his senses to know and learn about textures, shapes, tastes, colors, smells. From now on, his whole life will be dedicated to obtaining knowledge and while you can be with him in this process, try to make the path of learning fun and unforgettable.

You have already seen how quickly time passes, your baby is already walking and talking and before you know it he will be big. Take advantage of this valuable time you have to share and to be their first source of knowledge so that when they grow up they will continue to come to you to share and learn.

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