3 Valuable Reasons To Teach Your Children To Have The Value Of Commitment

Something that is increasingly difficult to teach children is to live moral values. This can help you have a good reason to care about teaching them to be committed.

Yes, our society has lost its north and seems to be going deeper and deeper. The little ones are bombarded from all sides by television programs that teach nothing of quality, but violence, and at school they will interact with other little ones who can influence them to make wrong decisions or even pressure them to achieve certain “goals” to be part of a certain group, and this is not innocent.

Times as complicated as ours require different parents. In our society it is necessary that parents have time not only to have fun with their children, but also to constantly remind them that being a good person requires effort and often sacrifices. By the way, living these moral principles many times will imply misunderstanding and loneliness, which will be mitigated by surrounding yourself with good people, because by being good you will be able to detect people of the same way of being and your affection will not be wasted on those who do not deserve it. .

Know how to keep the word

One of those essential values ​​to cultivate in your children is the value of a promise, something that has been lost over the years because it is not given the importance it really has. The ability to fulfill an acquired commitment gives the possibility that people believe in who has given his word or has promised himself with a cause.

Being committed to your word in the future will open more doors of opportunity before your eyes. Therefore, you will be able to aspire to positions of high responsibility, you will find both a good partner, as well as quality friends and it will be much more difficult for you to fall into the hands of cheating or less committed people. Finally, this will also help you surround yourself with friends with good values ​​and similar goals.

Now, I will present 3 valuable reasons why it is important to teach your children to keep their promises and be prudent when expressing their affections.

1. Have respect for others

When you teach your child to keep what he promises or to be prudent about expressing his affections, you are teaching him to have respect for his fellow man and himself.

Your child will also learn that respect is the most eloquent way in which he tells a person that he has an unalterable value and that he has earned it for the simple fact of being a HUMAN BEING, and that although it is important what others feel or think about him, the value he places on himself is much more significant.

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2. Be responsible for your actions

When a child learns that his word has value and that the promises he makes MUST be kept, he will learn to value actions based on the consequences of his actions. With this you will be aware of what you say, think and do. That way you will not take so lightly to make a promise or the manifestation of your affections (positive or negative)

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3. Will be successful and disciplined

A child raised with the ability to keep his word and be obedient to his affections, will be an adult who knows clearly what he wants and what he aspires in his life and in the same way will know how to act to achieve what he wants, without going over the top from no one.

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As you can see, sometimes acts that are taken for insignificance have great consequences for a person’s life. Therefore, it is best to be someone trustworthy and teach your children by precept and by example. That way they will be successful in their life.

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