3 Steps To Be A Peace Promoter Parent (don’t Let Your Children Be Part Of So Much Evil)

We are the most intelligent species on the planet, yet we kill each other. Don’t let your children be part of so much evil.

Last week before the events that occurred in Orlando, my adolescent son, very serious and worried, asked, what is the plan in case someone enters and wants to attack us?

Violence as it occurs these days, cruel and available to everyone, creates feelings of fear and insecurity in the family, especially in children, who tend to personalize situations, this means that if they hear dramatic news, the first thing they think is that it could happen to them and their family.

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What to do then? How to explain them making them feel safe and protected when we ourselves find it difficult to understand?

We know logically that we cannot control people’s actions, but we can control the effect that their actions can have on our family. It is where our role as promoter parents of PEACE comes into play.

First I would like to share some ideas that can help you reduce stress in children caused by the impact of violent events.

Continue with the daily routine

It is important that each member of the family with their daily routine; children must attend school, play with their friends, continue their sports activities, etc. Do not cancel planned outings such as the mall or family visits.

Parents should also continue with their daily work activities outside or inside the home.

Talk about the topic

It is important to listen to the questions that the children have about the incident, the answers must be simple, real and precise. Do not add or extend it, always respecting the chronological age of the children.

Be attentive to emotions

Remember that it is okay to be angry, frustrated, or sad; children tend to get frustrated with little things in order to channel their emotions. Lending if the child is isolated, does not want to go out to play or is quiet than usual. Always ask for professional help if necessary.

Provides an atmosphere of joy and creativity

Playing, planning family projects brings children a state of happiness, peace and stability. Creative activities of painting, drawing or modeling with clay will help to express the feelings of the little ones.

Turn off the television!

It happens very often that when these violent events occur and, we tend to keep ourselves informed all over the world, we hear the same things over and over again. Children usually keep it for a short time. Keeping hearing the same news only creates more insecurity and stress in them. If you as a parent want to continue, use another means, such as reading the news on the internet or in the newspaper.

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I share with you the 3 steps to follow to become a PEACE promoter parent:

1. Be positive

This does not mean that one is unrealistic and wants to minimize events, however in the face of so much negativity we have to be optimistic. Valuing everything one has, such as family, children, health, friends, work. Add instead of subtract. A positive thought builds one, hence a better future.

2. Peace begins at home

Teach your children to face disagreements by talking and listening, show empathy in the face of pain, anger or difference of ideas, this is where PEACE lies, in understanding that we all are and think differently, and that this is okay, whenever and wherever, no hurt me

3. Uplifting actions

As before, a positive thought precedes an action, in this case a constructive action. Establish short and long-range family goals, carry a method of evaluating and measuring goals, for better results.

When asked by my son, I remembered what I learned in a training on the subject at my work: “Find an urgent exit, hide in a room that has an exit like a window, or simply fight for your life.” When I finished my answer, I asked him: Shall we do a barbique?

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