3 Signs That There Is Still Hope And 3 Signs That You Should Let It Go

Nothing is more desperate than loving someone with all our soul and feeling that they are slipping away from our lives.

Nothing is more desperate than loving someone with all our soul and feeling that they are escaping us from our lives. On the one hand you feel that you would do almost anything to make her stay by your side, and on the other you realize that maybe love is over and there is no hope. The question is: Is love over or is there still something you can do?

My grandmother always said that as long as there is life there is hope, but in some aspects when that hope depends on the will and emotions of another person, it works in a different way.

Forcing a situation or a relationship is never good, but how do you know when it’s time to “give up” and accept that the relationship is over.

3 (undeniable) signs that there is still hope or that for your sake and his, it is better that you let him go:

1. He still communicates with you

When a person has decided that a relationship has definitely ended, they will cut off communication. Depending on the seriousness of the relationship and the time you have been together, it is how you will see the communication between you affected.

When a couple is experiencing problems, one of the first places you see changes is in communication. If it is a new relationship, it drastically decreases; the texts are shorter and shorter and less consistent, and if they are married, the same phenomenon takes place. But as long as there is a communication channel, there is hope.

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When the person decides that things are over and that whatever you do, nothing will change his mind, then cut the communication dry. He no longer answers the phone, avoids you wherever he takes you, and does whatever it takes to minimize contact with you.

If there is still communication between the two of you, use the few or many opportunities you have to talk, rather than argue. You must understand that if you love someone and want to solve things, your best allies are communication (this includes a sender and a receiver transmitting a CLEAR message), patience, understanding and forgiveness.

2. He still cares about you

There are many couples who have already been married for a while and who have children and a history together. In these cases, it is sometimes difficult to tell if your husband still cares about you or if she is doing it for your children. However, when a person has decided outright that they no longer want to be with you, they will make sure you understand that your problems and concerns are no longer his.

If he is still worried, even if he tries to hide that he no longer cares about you and that he does not want to know how you are, you will notice simple gestures such as finding out that he asks your children, mutual friends, relatives, how you are and how they see you . If for the love of your life you are still one of his thoughts and concerns before falling asleep, then there is hope.

3. He still tells you that he loves you (or shows you)

Many men and women end their relationships and disappear without a trace, and it is more than obvious that the relationship has no more hope. However, there are many that are ended by fights, lack of communication, confusion, influence of third parties, among others, but the love is still there. This love may not be intact, but it is, and you must take advantage of what remains of it to rebuild the foundations of this relationship that is shaking today.

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Even if he doesn’t necessarily tell you that he loves you, you can feel it. If you feel it, fight for that relationship, especially if you have children. Keep in mind that many relationships end due to lack of communication, pride, self-centeredness, resentment and not due to lack of love. Love does not end overnight, just as a plant does not wake up dry overnight.

How to nurture the relationship and not let it get to the point where you don’t know if there’s still hope for you?

1. Speak and listen (humbly)

Although they seem like two simple instructions, they are not. Not everyone knows how to listen and communicate what they know in their mind and in their heart, what they want to say. If you maintain humility during your marriage, knowing that you can be wrong and that you will not always be right, communication will be a million times easier for them.

2. Worry about your needs and his

The key is in knowing that the needs of both are exactly the same importance. If you put your needs ahead of your partner’s or his needs ahead of yours, things will never be in complete balance, and problems will start to surface.

3. Tell him that you love him with your five senses

Love must be expressed with all the senses of your body, just saying it is not enough. Listen to the meaning of his words, enjoy his aroma, make him feel what you feel for him with your caresses, taste his kisses and finally, tell him that you love him.

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