3 Phrases To Understand Old Age

3 Phrases of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung to understand the stage of human life known as old age.

Talking about old age is not easy. Let’s think a bit, how do we digest a stage that we still don’t know about? However, life itself is wise, we know that. Therefore, it places the elderly around us to understand, or at least relate to the process. That we are not very clever and do not get the message, is another matter.

As children, or perhaps young people, the closest we are to talking about old age is when our parents tell us: “Remember that how I see you I saw myself and how you see me, you will see yourself.” Take it! It is a direct shoe to growth. Also due to the closeness with grandparents, elderly relatives or elderly neighbors. With more years, one really begins to think if he will grow old: how will I look? Will I continue with my good profile, my beauty? In my case, this last answer is a resounding yes, so I should not worry.

By the way, it is an interesting exercise in this regard to review three phrases of the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung regarding old age, perhaps one of them can help us clear the cobwebs that the decline of life can generate:

1. The sense of old age

“A human being will not age until the age of 70 or 80 if his longevity has no meaning whatsoever for the species to which he belongs. The evening of life must also have its own meaning, and cannot be just a miserable appendage to the morning of life.

Come on, if it happens, it is because it has to happen, it is not free or because they want to bother us, the really difficult thing is to find personal meaning, a point for which we must take advantage of our time.

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2. Assume the passage of time

“There is nothing more ridiculous and inappropriate than older people who live as if they were young, losing all their dignity. The only privilege of age should be the opportunity for introspection. Everything is revealed in self-knowledge, what you are, what you want and why you live.

Strong and maybe tough, but Jung talks about the importance of accepting yourself fully. How many do you know who are still stuck at a certain age, who are stuck in a particular time?

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3. The blessing of growing old

“The privilege of life is to become who you really are.”

And that takes time, a lot of time. Many of the great men had not done anything remarkable in their fifties, and in retrospect, all their youth and maturity were nothing but stages of preparation. The third age is not a time to become obsolete, but to bear the fruits of a lifetime of prevention, elaboration and planning. The way you spend your time today will determine what your future will be like and what you will be tomorrow.

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Has any of these phrases left you any reflection? Have you thought about what and how you will face this stage of life? I think the only thing that can be expected is to have enough time to find out.


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