3 Mind Games Narcissistic Men Use To Get What They Want From A Woman

Do you feel like he does this with you? Watch out, it’s not love and when you get what you want … it will go away.

For many women, narcissistic men are very charming, for the same characteristics that distinguish them, such as looking attractive to attract attention and thus obtain an audience. For example, men like this have a lot of self-confidence and this is charming to many people. In fact, there are women who, if the narcissist does not abandon them, can spend their whole lives with her thinking that they are happy. They think: “If he is so wonderful and he chose me as his partner, it is because I am too!”, Says psychiatrist Luis Risco.

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The Narcissism is a personality disorder in which patients have strong inferiority complex, but outward behave arrogant and self – satisfied way. According to a study carried out by the Journal of Psychiatric Research, a narcissist tends to manipulation and lies because he has a psychopathic tendency, so he uses three mental games to achieve his purposes.

1. Histrionic games

They are prone to making up a story and, in order for you to believe everything, they are capable of acting even the best melodrama if necessary, in order to achieve their goal. They can be the best actors and convey whatever they want to you: trust, sadness, pity, etc. Usually, they are more inclined to present themselves as a victim to achieve your compassion (emotional blackmail) and thus be able to catch you in a simpler and safer way.

2. “You are lucky”

They are people who are always taking care of their physical appearance, therefore, they take care to eat a balanced diet, they try to exercise to have an attractive body, they dress well, they are clean, they take care of their walk, their way of speaking and even what they say, to be the center of attention wherever they are. For all the above, they make you see that having a man like that -like him- by your side, should make you very happy because many women would like to have someone like that and, you are the lucky one!

3. He is accommodating

This is one of his most common strategies to be able to conquer in a way that you do not notice: he is going to show himself as the prince charming that every woman has ever dreamed of, filling you with attention and details. At first, they will fill you with flattery to the extreme, they will exaggerate your virtues, indeed, they will be prone to inventing you even attributes that you do not have. Everything you are as a person and your abilities are going to be exaggerated by him, just in order to win you over.

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The psychologist Peg Streep, author of Psychology Today, assures that the narcissist needs to have romantic relationships but preferably of short duration and without commitments, in order to have other relationships that meet their needs; sometimes some tend to have two relationships at the same time.

For this very reason, they choose to conquer the person who catches their attention at all costs and then abandon them, without realizing how much they love them. So if you have any suspicions that you are living with a narcissist, listen to your instinct and stay away from him, if you do not want to take the risk of falling in love with a person who is never going to love you the way you do.

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