3 Great Reasons Why Your Children Can Help Out At Home

Teaching and allowing children to be involved in housework will allow them to develop skills for their entire lives.

When we are young mothers and we are raising a family, one of our great priorities is to educate our little ones correctly – or as well as possible. Therefore, we teach them everything that allows them to be independent, productive and happy; And this is where the great need to teach and involve them in family tasks comes in. In my personal and professional experience, I have come across parents who avoid and do not allow their children to learn or become involved in housework mainly for three reasons:

  • They consider that children should only dedicate themselves to studying

  • They consider housework as inferior and even degrading activities

  • People pay for the service of the house

As the years go by, they realize that they have formed dependent, irresponsible adolescents, lacking in interest in their future or in a productive life. Here are the top three reasons why you need to teach your children about housework and include them in family responsibilities:

1. It gives them independence and allows them to learn skills for a lifetime

I know that it is much easier and faster to do things personally than to teach and supervise a child to do the work. But equally, the years have shown me that it is a million times more valuable to take the time it takes to teach a child a task, since this generates an independent human being. When you teach a task to a little one and allow him to do it over and over again, or as many as necessary, you are giving him a better future.

2. They become responsible and learn the value of things

Each of us learns to value things when they cost us. If they only appear as if by act of magic, every time we want them, we will never understand everything that is required to obtain them. Today many children and young people have not developed responsibility, simply because their parents have not encouraged it. Children need to learn to care for a plant, a pet, their toys and personal items, care for family possessions, and experience their loss and never immediate replacement. We value things when they cost us work and care, or when we lose them.

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3. They learn about effort and achieve greater self-confidence

Today more than in any other time, it is necessary to teach our children the culture of effort. We live in days where everything is satisfied almost immediately and without much effort; everything is disposable, fast and automatic. Children have become little tyrants who demand more and better gifts from their parents as payment or reward for the minimum effort they make. It’s not uncommon for a parent to give their elementary school child a tablet to motivate him to do homework. When I see that, I think: what will he have to give him to pass high school?

When someone strives and achieves their goals and objectives, they become a stronger person, more self-confident and therefore difficult to corrupt, hurt and make them feel less. A self-confident child stays away from abusers, vices and everything that distracts him from his goals and this is learned at home.

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