25 Ways Men Apologize To Their Wives Without Saying A Single Word

Dialogue is not his strong suit, but these actions speak much louder than words. Find out if the man you love is truly sorry.

For some people asking for forgiveness is extremely difficult, while for others it becomes something so mechanical that even if you hear it coming from their lips, you know that they do not feel it and that they will make the same mistake again. Therefore, actions are always worth more than a thousand beautiful words.

Why is it easier for men to show repentance than to ask for forgiveness according to specialists?

“ Psychologists have reported that there are differences in how men and women see and experience asking for forgiveness. A woman apologizes for maintaining a relationship and feels good about her efforts. When a man apologizes, she feels she has lost something.

This simple clarification sheds light on why men are less apologetic with words, but show they are sorry for their actions.

But … sometimes the problem is not knowing how to forgive

As a wife, mother and daughter, I can say that I have no problem forgiving my mom and daughters, but when it comes to my husband, forgiveness comes a little slower. For some reasons, women tend to hold a grudge when we feel hurt, especially when that pain comes from the hand of the person with whom we choose to share the rest of our lives.

According to Marriage Relationship Lic. Lynette Hoy, one of the reasons why it is so difficult for us to forgive is apart from the pain we feel as a consequence of what they did to us, our pride and self-esteem have also been damaged.

Something that can help us to forgive is knowing that the fact that one forgives does not mean that the doors for them to hurt us again are open, but this is not achieved by denying forgiveness or claiming at all times, forgiveness in marriage it is achieved with the effort of both.

Actions demonstrate true repentance

Therefore, if your husband has hurt you and you are waiting for him to ask for forgiveness, surely those words will come soon if he shows his repentance through some of these actions that I learned from my own experience, indicated by the experts or that are simply impossible to mistake for anything other than regret.

  • You notice a certain sadness in his eyes and a certain desperation to feel that you still love him as before.

  • He does those little things that you always demand of him, like taking out the trash, helping you clean the house, picking up after messing.

  • He offers his help in everything he has to do.

  • He seeks to dialogue more with you in order to feel closer.

  • Try to reverse what he did through his actions.

  • It is much more attentive than before.

  • It allows you to access spaces in your life that you were previously denied entry to.

  • Talk to his family or friends about how bad he feels about what he did to you.

  • He tells you how something similar happened to another marriage as you did and how the wife’s forgiveness helped with the relationship.

  • You feel more honest.

  • Finally he takes off his cell phone and leaves it at your fingertips as a sign that they have nothing to hide from you.

  • Many men after doing something wrong and repenting show more interest in developing their faith or spiritual part.

  • Spend more time with your kids and tell them how much he loves you and how proud he is of you.

  • Pay more attention to your likes, needs and wants.

  • He offers to accompany you to places that you did not want to do before.

  • They are more interested in how you feel, pay attention to your emotions.

  • He writes you a letter to express how he feels.

  • Try to have more physical contact with you so that you can somehow feel what he is not encouraged to say.

  • Change the way you act and stop doing whatever it is that he did to you that hurt you.

  • You notice that he respects you more.

  • Teach your children the importance of forgiveness.

  • It tells you that he loves you more than he ever did before.

  • It offers you to start over.

  • He asks you what he must do to make you forgive him.

  • He promises you that he will never do it again and he delivers.

But, despite all these signs, how do you forgive something that really hurt us?

When someone hurts us, endless emotions are generated, including pain, anger and the questions of why he did it. Therefore, it is necessary to follow some steps to be able to forgive from the heart, forget and give a new opportunity or not.

Sheila Gregoire, a specialist in marriage relations, describes in some steps how to make the forgiveness process easier.

It indicates first that we must ensure that the offense or damage has remained in the past

Whether it is about being disrespectful, being unfaithful, lied or being late for some place, it is only possible to forgive when the person understands that it hurts us and when it does NOT do it more.

You must remember that, sadly, whatever he does, he cannot erase what he already did

It’s hard to accept it, but the faster you do it, the faster things will work out between the two of you. The past cannot be changed, but the present and the future are flawless.

Try to forgive by focusing on who will pay the highest price for not doing so.

When there is something to forgive there is more than one person suffering; who made the mistake and who suffered the consequences. The sooner you forgive, the sooner you will stop suffering the consequences of your own anger.

“Time to time”

My grandmother always said “time to time” and when I was a girl that phrase angered me, because I did not want to wait for time, however there is no better doctor of the soul than time.

Remember that forgiving from the heart also liberates your soul, and that forgiving does not mean that you justify what hurt you, but that you can simply understand that you made a mistake and that giving a new opportunity (when this is for the good of both) is one of the most loving acts of which the human being is capable.

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