Month: January 2021

The Importance Of Playing As A Family

Between work, home and homework, many times we don’t have time to play, but do you know what you’re losing? Today’s life demands more and more of us, attend to various activities that require our attention: as mothers, wives, housewives, teachers or any other type of professionals. The time required for each of these activities

Only For Women, And The Occasional Curious

For many women, the menstrual period becomes a nightmare: discomfort, allergies to the materials of tampons or feminine pads, and a long etcetera. However, there is a system that changes all that … Some years ago, and thanks to research on new products for a communication project at my university, I first heard about the

Accept The Fact: He Will Never Change

If you forgive and forgive, but you don’t see any change in your partner, maybe it’s time to consider something different. I have already lost count of all the messages I have received asking for advice on what to do in cases where the couple makes the same mistakes over and over again. It is