Month: November 2020

Cold: Natural Remedies To Feel Better

If you have a case of cough, congestion, and other fabulous symptoms, check out this article. Enjoy winter and its parties without the need to blow your nose every five minutes. I love the winter season for all the parties that are celebrated, because in the place where I live everything is covered with snow

Small Details, Big Results

No action, however small, is wasted. When we do small acts of kindness to each other, the results are an increase in love and goodwill between our family members. A woman recounted her experience during her father-in-law’s funeral. As she greeted and attended to the people who had come to offer their condolences to the

How Not To Throw In The Towel

Using as a pretext the story of a professional football player who gives everything on the field, despite having diabetes, this article advises on how not to throw in the towel when the family has difficult times. In life there are many complicated situations to face every day, and without a doubt, the most precious

Communicate With Your Family!

Text often with your children. Wish them a happy day, ask them how they feel, if they need help with something, tell them how much you love them. What matters is that they know how much you love them, continuously. This week something happened that made me think about the power and importance of communication.

Mother Lies That Her Daughter Hurt Herself; When His Father Arrives At The Hospital He Realizes That Something Terrible Had Happened

A joint custody, a new boyfriend, a father if he can do nothing and the worst possible outcome. Who can report this type of abuse? “The girl was injured in an accident” With these words Senad Kardasevic receives the news that his little daughter Arina was admitted to the hospital in serious condition, according to