20 Secrets To Know (without A Doubt) If He Wants You With Him, Or If He Wants You As Far Away As Possible

His body language says it all, and if you know how to interpret it, you can discover what is really going through his heart and mind, without being WRONG.

His body language says it all, and if you know how to interpret it, you can discover what is really going through his heart and mind, without being WRONG. How many times does it happen to us that we get angry with a man because we misjudge the situation, and we feel rejected, when in reality it is the opposite?

More often than we would like

Follow this guide with 20 body gestures that men use that will help you deduce what exactly he is thinking and feeling (which does not necessarily have to coincide with what he is telling you).

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1. His torso

To simply know if physically he wants to leave the place he is with you, look at his torso, not his gaze or his face. If his torso is turned towards a door, no matter how much he is looking at you and talking to you, at that moment he wants to leave.

2. His eyebrows

If his eyebrows rise from time to time while talking to you (a movement that he does unconsciously and therefore involuntarily), it means that what they are talking about interests him.

3. His pupils

If his pupils enlarge when he looks at you, when he makes eye contact with you, it is because what he is seeing, he likes it (and a lot). If they shrink or shrink, it is because he is not interested in you (at least at the moment).

4. If it touches your hair

A man’s caresses on a woman’s hair mean that he likes you (too much).

5. Your eye contact

If he finds you with his gaze from afar, from the other side of the room they are in, he looks at you, stops looking at you, and then looks at you again, it is because he is interested in you.

6. Where do your eyes look?

If in the middle of a conversation, he stops looking at you and lowers his gaze to your lips, it is because while you are talking, he is thinking of kissing you.

7. The movement of your fingers

If he runs his fingers over his lips repeatedly, or wets his lips with saliva, it is because he wants to kiss you.

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8. His hands in his hair

Like us, the first thing we do is try to adjust our hair as soon as we see that man who drives us crazy, they do the same. So if the next time you see him, he runs his fingers through his hair, it’s because he definitely likes you.

9. His behavior

If he plays with his ring, or watch, or pen, or whatever he has on hand, he is nervous.

10. How you feel

If he brushes your leg from sitting almost on top of you, even if there is a whole empty chair, it is because he wants to increase physical contact with you.

11. How he hugs you

If when he gives you a hug to greet you, he holds you for a moment, it is because he likes you and he cares about you.

12. How long does your eye contact last?

If when he looks at you, that eye contact feels more intense and lasts longer than with other men, it is because he undoubtedly likes you.

13. How do you see what you are wearing?

If you notice that he is looking at you from the bottom up when he sees you, it is because he is hopelessly attracted to you.

14. How you position your head

If while you speak, he moves his head slightly to the side, it is because he is deeply immersed in what you are saying.

15. How much do you blink?

It may be difficult for you to realize this without him asking what is wrong with you, but men when they are in the presence of someone they like (a lot) blink much more frequently.

16. What you do with your phone

If he is going to pass you and thinks you are going to see him and takes out his phone while walking in front of you, it is because you make him nervous (unless he is using the real phone).

17. How you feel when you have dinner together

If he leans his body forward while sitting across the table, it is because he finds you fascinating.

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18. Is it your mirror?

If you touch your head, he does it a second later. If you feel that what you do is being reflected in what he does next, it is because he is extremely interested in you.

19. In his arms

Unless he’s in a place where he’s freezing, if he crosses his arms while he’s talking to you, it’s not a good sign.

20. His smile


If he smiles at you when he meets your gaze, he is obviously interested in you.

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