2-year-old Boy In A Coma From Eating An Almond. What Precautions Do We Take With The Feeding Of Our Children?

In Spain, a two-year-old boy was in a coma for having eaten an almond. What security measures do we parents take when it comes to feeding our children?

In Spain, a two-year-old boy was in a coma for having eaten an almond. When I read this news, I can’t help but be alarmed and wonder, what security measures do parents take when it comes to feeding our children?

When babies start to eat, we are often very attentive to the size of the pieces of the food we give them. We try to make them very small or we directly make mush. As the child grows and has more teeth, we encourage ourselves to cut a few larger pieces. However, there are certain foods that we should avoid giving them until they are 5 or 6 years old, as is the case with nuts.

David’s case has stunned me. I think over and over again how much my little one likes nuts and that once in a while he has eaten hard candy when he was only 2 years and 2 months old. According to what was published in the newspaper El Mundo de EspaƱa, David was at a family dinner, took an almond from the table and went to the armchair to sit and watch the cartoons. He coughed a little but nothing serious enough to alarm him. At least in that moment. Within a week David started with a very high fever and his parents began to worry. They did not find the correct diagnosis and even said that he suffered from pneumonia. Months passed and the child did not improve, until his parents remembered the episode of the almond and reported it to the doctors. He quickly went into observation and had a bronchoscopy done. But the result they hoped for was overwhelming. The almond was lodged in the lung and was rotting; When the tube was inserted for the study, the pus from the infection spread throughout the lung and David went into cardiac arrest. Doctors spent almost half an hour trying to revive him and had to induce a coma. After this episode, the child was left with serious neurological sequelae. Today David recovers step by step very slowly. His parents have created a page on the Facebook social network called ” Fighting for David Daniel ” where they tell his story and give details of his medical progress.

What are dangerous foods?

There are some foods associated with fatal choking that we should avoid giving to young children. Walnuts, almonds, chestnuts, peanuts, and dried fruits in general. Also hot dogs are dangerous as they are cylindrical, airway-sized, and compressible, allowing them to completely clog and occlude the airways. Raw carrots, apples, popcorn, and gum are also on the list.

How should we give him those foods?

If the child still likes to eat these foods, there are some recommendations to be able to eat them without the risk of suffocation. Nuts must be broken into very small pieces and the child should not run while eating to prevent the food from going directly to the lung when breathing. The apple should be grated or cut into very small pieces, and the sausage should not be cut into slices but in the form of sheets. It is not advisable to give hard candies to a child under 5 years old as they can choke very easily. There are cases of deaths due to suffocation with these foods in young children, so it is necessary to be very attentive to the food that we give to our children.

David’s case is just one of many fatal cases of food suffocation. Always keep foods that represent a risk away from your child’s reach and always avoid running them while they have a piece of food in their mouth. Always consult the doctor in case of any doubt or emergency.

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