2 Reasons Why You Are Alone And 2 Reasons Why It’s Not Your Fault

If you are alone, feel good about your marital status and are happy, you may identify with this article.

It is amazing how the trends of humanity change in just a few decades. For example, long ago it was inconceivable for a woman to pass the age of twenty and remain single, now the strange thing is that a woman makes a marriage and forms a new family without first having obtained at least a university degree.

To this must be added the fact that now more than ever it is more common to see women alone around the world than in the past, and perhaps you are part of that group. If so, surely you have faced a series of claims and questions about your sentimental situation and among your answers you have found the two that you will read below:

1. “I’d rather be alone than in bad company”

It is no secret that today’s women are not willing to endure mistreatment no matter where it comes from and whatever type it may be. If this has been your experience, you know that being abused is not easy to overcome and you have been marked for life. So you fear going through the same thing again and you don’t know how you will react if it happens again.

2. “I can’t find a man who is up to the task”

It is fair that you do not settle for anything or anyone, and less with a man who does not meet your expectations or who mistreats you. The sad thing is that perhaps you have thought that it is best to be alone, since some of your aspirations are so high that you cannot find someone who “fits” within your life plan, and of course, you do not think to change your mind for the world. opinion about it no matter how good the man who woo you is.

Now, it is not a question of questioning the reason why you have chosen to remain single for a definite or indefinite time, since that only concerns you. The point that I want to focus on, and that you focus on, is that under no circumstances should you feel guilty or allow other people to blame you for your choice (there are people who do) because it is not your fault, and I will give you two reasons. for it:

A. You are free and adult to make your own choices

You can act freely to choose what you think is the most convenient for you. So, under no circumstances do you allow any person to judge you for your choice – no matter how much you want it – about your affective, civil and emotional condition, since it is your business and only you know the reasons that have led you to that decision.

Nobody knows better than you what you have had to live and they will not understand it no matter how much you tell it and explain it over and over again, so that you do not wear yourself out giving reasons for what you do or not do with your life, just live it correctly and without regrets. Sometimes loneliness has a very kind face.

B. Society has sold you the idea of ​​the perfect man

Since you were little you have been harassed with the idea of ​​the perfect man: the enchanted prince who is willing to come to rescue you, so much so that your ideal of a man is tall, good-looking, with sufficient financial resources. And you dream of living your own ideal love story that you don’t want to give up one bit. Therefore, it is not your fault that you want to achieve your goal, and if that is the same as waiting for him forever, why not do it? The same is about your life.

You have no reason to feel guilty if you did not get married or did not when you had the opportunity, or because you regretted days before joining someone with your life because you had doubts or fears. Remember that it is your life and they are your choices, and if you aspire to love and be reciprocated, it may be that one day you will find that person, and if not, well, you can continue living without regrets or fears.

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