19-month-old Baby Dies After Authorities Who Detained Her Denied The Medical Care She Needed

A truncated dream, a complaint and a goodbye forever.

“A 19-month-old baby dies after the immigration authorities that had her detained denied her the medical care she needed,” is the presumption that led Yazmin Juarez, 20, to sue the Texas state authorities for the lack of of medical care that her daughter received when she contracted a respiratory infection during the time she was detained with her mother. ga

After a serious diagnosis, as reported by CNN, the only drug he had been told to take was Tylenol.

Mariee contracted the respiratory infection and her lawyers allege that “there was a terrible lack of treatment for almost a month.” Mariee and her mother were released from the detention center after the little girl’s gravity increased. Yazmin took her daughter to New York, where she lost her battle and died shortly after.

Cross the border to save your children’s lives and futures

Although a difficult subject to understand for those of us who are not in a similar situation, what many mothers and fathers do when crossing at least three borders is, literally, risk everything for a better future, a different future, an existing future for their children.

According to the media, most of these migrant parents from their countries are fleeing the terrible violence unleashed by the power of the gangs, and the incessant drug trafficking.

“If my country was fine, I would be happy with my son,” Flores told NBC News. “I would not try to cross.”

The desperation to give their children a life with the possibility of a childhood and the right to dream, mobilizes hundreds of men and women across borders, even knowing that by doing so they may lose the last thing they have left.

A power that is born when we become parents

There is definitely a before and after in the lives of most human beings when we become parents. There is nothing that we are not willing to move, a river that we are not willing to cross, or a mountain that crosses our path when we talk about the happiness of our children.

But where do we get this strength from and how do we become that person who will challenge the world?

The answer is simpler than the question: we want our children to be happy.

Although not all parents will cross a border (I did), nor will we have to sacrifice to the extreme that mothers like Yazmin do and will continue to do so, we all fight for the happiness of our children.

Let’s fight in the best way

In our search for the happiness of our children, the experts give us some advice that all of us as parents can apply, wherever we are and under whatever circumstances.

“Lack of happiness: The key to a happy child”

It seems like a contradiction, and semantically it is, but the result is not. According to Dr. Robin Berman, today’s parents act like “human pacifiers.” In other words, we try to calm the difficult situations our children go through, we run and fix everything, and sometimes we even control so much that we tackle the problem before it happens and sometimes without knowing if it is going to happen or not.

To have happy children, you must teach them to tolerate unhappiness. I would tell the father that it would have been more helpful to teach them to work through their great emotions, feelings like anger, frustration and, yes, disappointment, rather than trying to protect them from them, ”he explains.

As parents we are going to find ourselves millions of times in front of problems that we will not be able to change or solve for our children, but the good thing is that the secret is to give our little ones the necessary tools to handle life’s obstacles to achieve happiness.

Dads, moms, be proud of your achievements with your children; of the largest and the smallest. Every hug, every kiss, every caress and word of encouragement. One day not so far away, that moment of love created by you will be the memory that will encourage you to continue fighting for a happier life, for a better life; free from violence and fear.

You are doing well, keep fighting for a better world for your children.

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