17 Things That A Man Absolutely Never, Should Say To A Woman

There are things that are better to remain in the silence of your thoughts, for your sake and that of humanity.

There are things that are better to remain in the silence of your thoughts, for your sake and that of humanity. An angry woman can cause a storm, but if you were the one who said these things, better not blame her, the one who needed a bit of tact is you.

If you made the mistake of saying one of these 17 things, and she heard them, you better run:

1. Can I kiss you?

It may sound chivalrous to you, but don’t ask permission to kiss her, you take away the magic.

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2. Is that the clothes you are going to wear?

If you asked this question, you’d better have your running shoes on, because that’s what you’ll need to do.

3. Calm down

Nothing infuriates a woman more than a man telling her to calm down. If you want the opposite of calm, then tell him to calm down.

4. It’s because you are on those days of the month …

You may be correct, but for your own good, never assume it and even if you know yes or yes that you are correct, it is not your function to tell him that (less if it is on those days of the month).

5. What happens is that I am useless

Seriously? Better save that for your friends or the therapist, she doesn’t want to be with a man who thinks so little of himself.

6. Do you know that my ex…?

If the phrase you are going to say includes the word ‘ex’ better not finish it, because whatever it is, you will get in trouble.

7. You’re getting fuller

NOT. Never tell a woman that she looks fatter, trust me. She already knows and doesn’t need you to tell her.

8. I thought you were younger than your friend

Better leave everything that has to do with age, weight and your ex, in the same box with a key.

9. You’re already talking like your mom

No woman likes to be compared to anyone, least of all her mother.

10. No

We do not like the no to mints, if you are going to say no, better have a very good explanation ready.

11. Why did you wear so much makeup? Did you already see yourself in the light?

Because he wants and feels good like this. Now if you really think that maybe she didn’t realize she has extra makeup, say so delicately.

12. Are you really going to eat all that?

That and calling her fat is the same; better not expect anything good for an answer.

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13. When you met me you knew that I was like that

The fact that when you met you told her that you were unfaithful to your previous partner, does not mean that she has given you the green light to do it to her as well.

14. Why don’t you call my mom to teach you how to cook what I like?

No no no. You are going to have to forget about mom’s food and work on the relationship you have now, without bringing your mother into your partner.

15. I can’t stand your friends, tell me when they have left to leave the room

If they are her friends, it is because she loves them, and if you don’t like them, you still have no reason to offend them.

16. What happens is that you are crazy

If you’re going to accuse her of mental insanity to justify your bad behavior, you better think again.

17. What are you thinking about?

You only ask this question if you are sure you want to open Pandora’s box.

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