15 Ways Your Man Screams That He Loves You Without Using A Single Word

In these 15 not-so-obvious ways, your man yells at you that he loves you without using a single word!

Not all human beings are good with words, especially if we are talking about telling someone what we feel. But to be honest, it is much better for someone to show you what they feel with facts, rather than just using words that anyone can use.

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Men show love in more subtle ways or that sometimes as women we cannot see, simply because we would not do it that way. Find out if your man is crazy about you:

1. He seeks to touch you whenever he can

Yes, your man seeks physical contact with you at all times, it is because there is nothing more addictive than the electricity he feels when he touches your skin.

2. His kisses are long and passionate

Kisses are the best way to express what a man feels for a woman. Did you ever hear when you were a child that if the kiss lasted two minutes it was because I loved you? Well, you don’t have to use a stopwatch, but long, passionate kisses are a sure sign that he loves you.

3. He can’t stop laughing when he’s with you

You are his best entertainment, he has so much admiration for you that you are the person who causes him the best reaction that a human being can experience: Laughter.

4. Your friends love you

A man’s friends occupy an almost ‘sacred’ place. If his friends treat you super well, accept you and love you, it is because they know that you make him happy and they want you to stay in his life. The fact that they know that you make him happy shows that he loves you and they know it.

5. Gives you gifts that have meaning

Maybe he won’t buy you expensive things, but he gives you that card that has a phrase written on it that you always repeat, or frame that photo of the two that makes you a bit ashamed and gives it to you to immortalize the moment.

6. Smile after kissing you

Yes, he kisses you and looks at you with those little eyes that cannot hide a smile.

7. Imitates you (not by way of mockery)

You find that he suddenly feels the way you do, or starts drinking the soda that you like. He becomes a ‘mini you’, to show you that he loves you so much that being like you makes him feel closer to you.

8. He listens to you with all his attention

Intentionally listening to someone is one of the great signs that your man is completely crazy about you.

9. He runs his fingers through his hair

This is a sign of nervousness. He loves you and doesn’t want to do anything that is going to ruin what you have together and gets nervous when he’s around you.

10. Correct your posture every 2 minutes

Whenever he notices that his back is curving and that his posture looks bad, he corrects it to impress you. He cares extremely about what you think of him.

11. Always seek to make eye contact with you

When he looks at you intensely without being able to take his gaze from you, I wish you could read his mind and know how much he loves you.

12. Squeezes your hands with intertwined fingers

The physical demonstrations of love are the strength of men, but this in particular, means that he loves you and wants to protect you from everything that could harm you.

13. Does everything to spend the most time with you

Sick, tired, without time, with time, with other commitments, without sleep and in the middle of yawning, every second in which he sacrifices his own physical well-being to be with you, is a second in which he is telling you that he loves you.

14. Calls or texts you out of nowhere

A simple hello, or how are you, despite having seen you half an hour ago, are signs that he loves you with all his soul.

15. She does everything in her power to keep her body close to yours

Your warmth is the best medicine for his soul and by approaching you, he is telling you that he cannot live without you.

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