15 Ways To Tell Your Husband How Much You Love Him, Without Using Words

Practice tip 3 on a daily basis. If you do number 12 or 14, you will surely surprise him!

You may already be in the habit of telling your husband how much you love him, but certainly some men need more actions rather than words to truly feel loved.

Using words is very important, but it never hurts to go one step further, and show him with actions that he is the owner of your heart. Put some or all of these suggestions into practice and you will see that he will notice the difference and feel infinitely loved.

Cry when he loses and he hurts and overflow with love, because at the end of the day, he still feels like your hero.

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1. Buy something thinking about it

Don’t think that you have to spend a fortune every time you want to gift your husband something. Rather, keep that in mind and pick something small for him whenever you think of, be it a can of his favorite drink, or a copy of the magazine that you know he will be looking for. Knowing that you chose something with him in mind will make him feel special.

2. Ask him what you can do for him today

Actually for this tip you do need to use words, but not specifically the words “I love you.” Show them by letting them know that their needs are important to you. Say good morning to him, and then ask him what you can do today to help him have a good day.

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3. Hug him suddenly

Give your husband spontaneous hugs no matter what they are doing. It is scientifically proven that people who receive more hugs during the day are happier. So show him that you love him and want to see him happy by hugging him!

4. Surprise him with a lunch together

If you usually spend the day apart, plan to surprise him at lunch, either by meeting him at his workplace or by making reservations at his favorite place.

5. Pamper him

Offer to massage him with a soothing oil, or prepare the shower for him. Make him feel like the most spoiled man in the universe.

6. Look him in the eye when he talks to you

Give him your undivided attention when he’s communicating with you. This will show him that he, and what he says, are important to you.

7. Receive it with a kiss and a hug always

When he comes home, stop what you are doing and receive it with love.

8. Prepare your coffee maker at night

Most men feel loved by the little details that they know you do especially for them.

9. Organize your schedule

Organize yourself to always have time at the end of the day and be able to spend it alone with your husband. If you have children, prepare them and put them to sleep early. Use the time with your husband to relax and reconnect after the day.

10. Keep your home in order

Especially if you find out that he had a heavy day at work, do your best to welcome him with a relaxing atmosphere at home. Create with your home a haven of peace and love.

11. Let it rest

If he’s tired, let him sleep. Show him that you respect the time he takes to recover.

12. Write him a letter, and mail it

Surprise is one of the most important factors in love. Mail him a letter at work or anywhere else he frequents. Receiving it will cause you to smile from ear to ear.

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13. Prepare your favorite dessert as a surprise

Surprise him after dinner by serving his favorite dessert as a surprise.

14. Give her flowers

Flowers are beautiful, and not only women know it! But if your man doesn’t want you to bring flowers to work, arrange them at home with a dedicated note for him.

15. Tell him you pray for him

Keep your husband always present in your prayers and let him know.

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