15 Reasons Why Your Husband Is Better Than A Boyfriend

You will never see married life the same as before!

Recently an acquaintance of mine and I started talking about love. She is single, and continues to search for her future husband. She asked me if I believed in love. Then she continued to tell me that she was still single, not because she lacked opportunities, but because she enjoyed the dating stage and because based on the experiences of her friends, being married did not sound better than the prospect of a courtship in which the attention, romance and courtship were the ingredients of each day.

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This conversation got me thinking and I decided to make a list of the things that make a husband a million times better than a boyfriend:

  • A boyfriend loves how you fix yourself every time you meet him. Your husband has seen you on your worst days, without makeup, without sleep, and without brushing your teeth, and he likes you more every day.

  • A boyfriend always remembers your birthdays. Your husband will never forget the day he realized that he could not live another day without you being a part of his life.

  • A boyfriend buys you flowers and hands them to you before you go on a date. Your husband does a lot of not buying anything so that you can afford to buy that dress you saw in a shop window.

  • A boyfriend understands that you are in your days and that it is better if he leaves you alone. Your husband goes out at any time to buy your feminine products and he is not ashamed to stand in line while holding them in the store.

  • A boyfriend loves you because he likes you. Your husband loves you because he wants you only for himself.

  • A boyfriend promises you heaven. Your husband is with you every morning when you wake up.

  • A boyfriend lets you eat the last piece of the cake. Your husband works every day so that you never lack for anything.

  • A boyfriend takes you to meet his parents. Your husband has no problem coming out against his own parents if he has to defend his feelings for you.

  • A boyfriend asks you if you would ever like to have children and what names would you give them. Your husband is the father of the greatest treasure that gave you life.

  • A boyfriend has his group of friends as confidants. You are your husband’s best friend .

  • A boyfriend wonders if he will still be with you next Christmas and just makes no plans. Your husband knows who will be with you when your hair is white.

  • A boyfriend gives you freedom. Being with you is your husband’s best hobby .

  • A boyfriend is impressed with your academic achievements. Your husband cannot believe how you can be a mother, a nurse, a counselor, a friend, an economist, and the best woman in the world while raising your family.

  • A boyfriend lights candles during a romantic date. Your husband lights up your face every time he tells you how much he loves you.

  • A boyfriend strives to look good for every date. Your husband gets dirty working in the garden at home to make your flowers look pretty.

  • A boyfriend is the happiness of the moment. Your husband is the sum of all the moments that build your happiness.

If you have a husband, celebrate what you built together!

Relee: Fall in love and love him forever.

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