15 Habits You Must End, If You Don’t Want To Stay Alone

Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, you better get rid of these 15 habits that all women have.

Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, you better get rid of these 15 habits that all women have. They are mostly the product of our insecurity, and no matter how interested or in love that man may be with you, if you keep doing it, he will end up leaving you.

1. Play games with texting

I am not referring to using texts as a means of communication or seduction. I’m talking about how obsessive we can be about them. The messages sent by mistake (which between us, they were not by mistake), the messages to see what she is doing (all the time), the messages that look like letters, the messages that create a discussion, the fact that you overanalyze.

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2. Make your communication based on texts

The texts are to say things that you cannot say or, on the phone or, in person because you are working or with people. Don’t get used to the fact that the only means of communication are texts; the one that will weigh the most will be you.

3. Play detective

If he is doing something bad behind your back, relax because sooner or later you will know. Don’t ruin your reputation and look like a crazy woman for playing detective behind him.

4. Create arbitrary ultimatums of times he is not even aware of

“If he doesn’t send me a text before 5 it’s because he must be with someone else,” does that sound familiar? Surely yes. We believe these ultimatums that he does not know about and when we see him we are angry that he did not do what we wanted him to do (even though he had no idea).

5. Try to make him jealous

I don’t know why we do it. Nobody wins in this game, if you make him jealous there are three possible outcomes: He thinks you like the other guy and leaves you; think that you are really an easy woman and lose interest in you; or you confirm her doubts and she decides that it is better that she not continue with you.

6. Blackmail you to get what you want

You know he’s dying to go to that concert you invited him to, but if he doesn’t tell you he loves you or asks you to marry you, or if they are married, he doesn’t buy you that dress you want, then you won’t go to the concert with him. . You can do it a couple of times, but in the end you will run out of bread and cake.

7. Pretend you don’t know him to get his attention

Making a man work to earn our interest isn’t bad, but going over to the other side will only work for you a couple of times.

8. Make a commitment to do something with him and then cancel to make him believe that you are busy and that he is not one of your priorities

You’ll tire him out and send him the wrong message. Sooner or later you will find a woman who is willing to give you attention.

9. Play the riddles

You got mad about something, but instead of telling him what made you upset, you play offended by waiting for him to guess.

10. You bring your past mistakes to the present all the time

Every time something happens between the two of you, be it his fault or yours, you bring up what happened months ago, that you said you had forgiven him and what he doesn’t even remember.

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11. You compare it

Instead of telling him what you would like him to do differently, you tell him that so-and-so does such a thing and he doesn’t.

12. You pretend to be the woman you think would be ideal for him

This is the most dangerous and foolish game. Statistics show that in most cases, if the woman had shown herself as she is, he would never have left her.

13. You disappear

You are angry, or you have doubts, or you want space, and without saying anything, you disappear for periods of time.

14. You accept less than you know you deserve

If you are not happy with someone or they do not respect you, you do not have to accept it simply because you are afraid of being alone.

15. Using social media to mark territory or to make you feel bad

You are the only person who gets hurt doing this.

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