14 Things Every Woman Must Do After Being Intimate With Her Husband

There are things that should not be overlooked after being intimate with your partner. Find out and make your relationship the sexiest in the world.

There are things that should not be overlooked after being intimate with your partner. Some of them have to do with your health and others with strengthening and progressing your relationship.

The following 14 things will lead you to have the best intimacy of your life:

1. Use the bathroom after sex (only if you need to)

For the sake of your health, it is important that after being intimate with your husband, you use the bathroom to urinate. This helps decrease your chances of developing a UTI.

It is important that you only do it if you feel the need, keeping in mind that doing so will prevent the bacteria that live in your intestine from moving to your genital area.

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2. Pay attention to how you feel

Just as when we eat, it is good to stop and let our brain process the fact that we have eaten so it can tell us exactly if we are satisfied or if we should continue eating, something similar happens with sex.

If you don’t stop and give all your senses the opportunity to know how you feel, sex tends to become obsolete and more like a ‘formality’ than an experience highly linked to pleasure and benefits for the couple.

3. Talk to your husband

Try to talk about how you felt, how you enjoyed it, and listen to what your husband has to say to you. After having sex, our body secretes endless hormones related to happiness and attachment; Conversations after sex can be the most romantic of your lives and help create unbreakable bonds.

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4. Stay cuddled for a while after being intimate (and you’ve gone to the bathroom)

As well as dialogue, staying embraced enjoying the euphoria that remains after being intimate, hugs help to create indestructible bonds between the couple.

5. Pet him

The magic after being intimate can last for hours; Help that connection deepen by caressing your husband.

6. Shower or do it together

It is very important that you clean yourself after being intimate, and what better way to do it than in the shower and with your husband.

7. Prepare something small to eat together

Most couples feel hungry after having burned a few calories in the bedroom, use the magic of that romantic energy that remains between the two and embark on the adventure of cooking something together.

8. Rest together

If it was in the middle of the day, a nap would do you both good, and if it’s at night, enjoy sleeping together. Although many couples today sleep in separate beds (due to snoring, work, schedules, etc.), it is important that after being intimate with your husband, even if they sleep a couple of hours together.

9. Praise your partner

If women are the queens of insecurity in EVERYTHING in life, men beat us by several heads when it comes to insecurity in privacy. Regardless of how long you’ve been married, he will always seek to know that he still drives you crazy (if you tell him, you will have him crazy for you).

10. Pay attention to your body and any discomfort you may feel

It is important that you listen to your body and that you do not dismiss discomfort, shock or pain as if it were normal.

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11. Take the opportunity to talk about what you liked the most and what you didn’t enjoy so much about, and ask him too

12. Laugh together

Take the tension (if there is any) by laughing together and joking around.

13. Do it again

If the environment was left with a high temperature, do not close yourself to a second round.

14. Don’t forget to tell him how much you love him

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