12 Situations In Life Where We Experience God’s Mercy

God speaks to us and comforts us in many ways, his mercy is one of them. Can you see it?

Passing through this land is a constant trial situation for all of us. Some of these situations can be so complex and painful that we often feel like we can’t take it anymore.

Despite all the overwhelming feeling that can fill us in those moments, the reality is that we are not alone and that God in his infinite mercy is there to support and comfort us, showing us that we are worth a lot and that he loves us; It is up to us to seek their help and acknowledge their intervention in our lives.

There are many situations in which He supports us, blesses and favors us, these are some of them.

1 When sadness overwhelms us

Matthew 5: 4says: << Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted >>

We all experience sadness, that immense urge to cry because we have a “wrinkled soul” with so much pain and suffering. Whatever the reason, if you seek God to free you from that overwhelming feeling, you will surely find the comfort and peace you seek.

2 When we fail and fail him

As human beings tied to a carnal condition, we are tempted to go against the things our parents and Jesus taught us. We are weak and susceptible to falling, however, our Heavenly Father’s mercy is such that He forgives us and teaches us the right way to avoid falling again.

Of course, this requires willpower and a lot of courage to be able to stand firm in the promise of never sinning again and moving on, living the best possible way.

3 In moments of facing the death of a loved one

It hurts to lose someone you love and know that an impenetrable veil for us will separate us from their presence for a time.

However, if you believe in life “beyond life”, the hope of reuniting with those people you lost will keep you strong, but behind that hopeful feeling is the sweet mercy of God.

4 when we fail

We all know what it feels like to try hard and do our best to achieve something and not achieve it, it can be devastating to self-confidence.

Getting over it and re-trusting in our abilities can be tricky. To achieve this, not only is it enough to realize our strengths, we must also ask God for support to learn to tolerate the intolerable or recognize when something is simply not for us.

God’s mercy helps us to understand our limitations, to discover our strengths and also when something is or is not for us. When we give ground and do not insist on achieving something that is not for us, we suffer less, we understand more and we find things that will make us happier.

5 When we defeat our worst enemy (addiction)

A person can become addicted to unthinkable things: food, anger, video games, lies, gambling, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, pornography, sex.

Overcoming an addiction is fighting against ourselves; However, it is something that is achieved alone or with the help of someone (spiritual advisor, therapist or family and friends). But that desire and will to overcome what seems impossible when you turn and ask God for help is stronger.

6 Did you overcome an illness or accident? He was there

It is to have another chance to live. Anyone who has experienced a serious accident or the diagnosis of a serious illness and has overcome it successfully, knows that they did not do it alone.

After that event was the divine protection that prevented him from losing the strength to fight, or that gave him a new opportunity to correct his faults and do things the right way. Without God’s mercy I would not have had another opportunity to do the right thing.

7 When they hurt us

Being humiliated, deceived or betrayed is painful because it blurs the concept you had of someone you appreciate or loved.

Despite that pain, let’s look at the positive side of these situations: they hurt because you realized it, worse than you had lived a cheated life. Now it only remains to recover and move on. Those of us who have faced such actions know that they are overcome faster when you ask for God’s help and comfort.

8 When we learn to forgive

From the hand of wounds comes resentment that does not bring anything good. Forgiveness is the way, although a very difficult one to take; but it is achieved when you ask God for his help to understand it and apply it in your life.

People have a misconception of what it is forgiveness.Forgive consiste to cleanse your soul of any resentment of which you may be a victim, rather than for the benefit of the one who harmed you, for yours. When you free yourself from resentments, you stop feeling anger towards the person who hurt you and you continue living a quiet life.

9 When we love and be loved again

Nothing more beautiful than discovering that despite how painful it can be to lose someone or be cheated on, we can love again and feel loved. But that magic is achieved thanks to the fact that God puts in our lives the right people who help us appreciate the beauty of being with someone who deserves it.

10 When we reach a goal

We succeed! We got that dream job, finished our studies, started a family and finally felt happiness in our lives. This is only due to the love of God who did not abandon you while you tried hard and gave your best; result: you got what you deserved.

11 When what you consider a miracle happens

There are things that happen in our life and that are wonderful but for which we cannot find an explanation, an example of this is that they told you that you are sterile, despite that, a year later you managed to get pregnant, against all odds you achieved the impossible.

Guess who was behind that achievement? Indeed, God, who saw your strength and your faith and made the impossible a blessing.

12 When we serve our  neighbors

<< Who does not live to serve, does not serve to live >>.

When we set out to help people in need, we are instruments of God through which he shows them that he did not leave them alone and that he loves them. Yes, sometimes we are objects to demonstrate the mercy that God has with our brothers who suffer, just open yourself to the possibility and do not deny the divine portion that is in you.

Thousands of merciful events happen daily and you only have to open your eyes to see the signs of God in your life, that will be enough to never feel alone or defeated again.

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