12 Serious Health Problems That Arise With Vitamin D Deficiency Only

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For the body to function properly and not get sick, it needs to receive the nutrients (minerals, vitamins and proteins) provided by the different foods that are consumed daily; if not, the body will suffer the consequences of a diet low in nutritional components and therefore begin to show the signs of deficiency.

This is the case of vitamin D. This is a fat-soluble nutrient (soluble in fat), which, together with other nutrients and minerals, regulates the functioning of the main systems of the body, according to the page better with health.

The interesting thing about this is that you not only get it in nutrients, but also that exposure to the sun helps the body receive a good dose of this vitamin.

Something interesting about vitamin D is that it helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, minerals that are very important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. It is also necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles, the heart among other very important organs for the proper functioning of the whole body.

Despite this, there are hundreds of people who, despite eating well, do not achieve a good absorption of vitamin D, thus causing the body to fail and manifest itself in different diseases that deteriorate the quality of life.

How to detect vitamin D deficiency

According to the Harrison sport nutrition page, these are the signals that the organism presents before the deficiency of this nutrient:

  • Fatigue

  • Pessimism

  • Decay

  • Humor changes

  • Insomnia

  • Cravings for sweets

  • Muscular weakness

  • Tooth decay and bleeding gums

Now, below you will find 12 discomforts that a person usually presents when they have vitamin D deficiency:

Weakness in muscles and bones

These tend to be quite susceptible to vitamin D deficiency and therefore are affected and present imbalance in magnesium levels; Very important mineral to keep these organs strong, which are on which the stability and good posture of our body depends.


Lack of vitamin D is associated with suffering episodes of depression coupled with irritability and sudden mood swings, this because vitamin D regulates the secretion of serotonin, also known as well-being hormones, obviously, if vitamin D is deficient in the state mood will not be stable.

Pain and swelling

This vitamin is vital for the control of inflammatory processes in the body. When the organism obtains the necessary amount of this vitamin, the person is less susceptible to states of chronic pain or inflammation in the upper and lower limbs; and vice versa if there is a deficiency.

Tooth problems

Being essential for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, having a vitamin D deficiency makes the teeth weak and therefore more exposed to cavities and wear; In addition, it encourages infections, loss of teeth, gingivitis and inflammation of the gums.

High blood pressure

Nutritional deficiencies can lead to high blood pressure. Although it can have many causes, the lack of this vitamin can be a relevant factor.


Physical and mental performance is affected by lack of vitamin D as it causes the person to be in a situation of constant exhaustion. Thus, the most typical thing is to notice the person with constant sleep and difficulty in doing their daily tasks.


Being a fat soluble nutrient, those who are overweight will require more amounts of it. Low levels of vitamin D will suffer from a slow metabolism, making weight loss difficult.


Having vitamin D deficiencies complicates treatment for asthma, since adequate absorption and quantity of it is linked to lower lung functions. Thus, that the body receives the necessary amount of vitamin D, it blocks the proteins that influence the inflammation of the respiratory tissues and fewer asthma attacks will suffer.

High cholesterol levels

Vitamin D helps cleanse the body of “bad” cholesterol (LDL). Thus, if a person does not manage to obtain the amount of this necessary vitamin, then his body will not be able to free itself from the negative effects of cholesterol in his body.

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Influenza (flu)

The lack of vitamin D alters the production of antibodies necessary to protect the body from flu, colds, which makes the person in question quite sick from these ailments.

Bowel-type problems

It is necessary for a person to have a good supply of vitamin D as it is necessary to have a good absorption of fat, especially if the person suffers from one of these diseases:

Gluten sensitivity (celiac and non-celiac) Crohn’s disease Inflammatory bowel disease

Excessive sweating

The lack of this also causes the person to sweat extremely mainly in the head, this due to hormonal alterations.

Foods rich in vitamin D

This is a list of foods rich in vitamin D provided by the vitamins food page

  • Fish: Catfish, catfish, salmon, sardines, mackerel, tuna

  • Eggs

  • Cow liver

  • Cod liver oil

Remember to take sun baths in good quantities at times where exposure to it is not so harmful, consume vitamin supplements and also eat in a balanced way.

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