12 Goals Every Married Couple Should Have For 2017 (if They Want To Get To 2018 Together)

Without a doubt, they will have the best year of their lives if you can meet these 12 goals together.

Approaching the beginning of a new year always fills us with aspirations for the things that we want to improve, change or renew in our lives. A new year gives us hope of a blank letter, a new beginning or a new opportunity, so it is appropriate for us to set goals to achieve.

Surely once you have set goals like losing weight, exercising, saving for a new car, traveling, etc. But how many times did you set goals together with your husband to improve the marriage relationship?

Considering that our family is the core of our life, and our marriage the most important part of it, we really should set goals to strengthen our relationship every year.

The best thing is that you sit down with your husband and have a long talk about what you want to see fulfilled or improved in this new year. Here are some ideas that cannot be missing from your list of goals:

Improve your communication

Possibly the most common obstacle in a marriage is poor or lack of communication. Make it a point to engage in regular conversations to review the status of your relationship. If possible, take a set day each week to “hit base” and talk to each other about how you feel in the relationship.

Fall in love with each other

One of your most important goals should be to INTENTIONALLY seek to do things for each other that make you feel loved. Remember that we don’t all feel love in the same way, so you need to acknowledge the things that make your partner feel your love.

Start an activity or hobby together

Form a team and start a hobby together, outside of the home and workplace.

Forget the mistakes of the past

What better way to start the new year than by leaving past misunderstandings and mistakes behind. Before the end of the year apologize for your mistakes, and start 2017 with a clean page free of resentments.

Help each other fulfill a dream

Have you always wanted to swim with sharks? Jump from a plane? Make 2017 the year to fulfill your dreams and those of your husband. Ask yourselves what is the adventure that you have always wanted to do, but have not been able to do so far, and help each other to achieve it.

Start an exercise routine together

And exercise should not be lacking to maintain a healthy body, as a couple!

Eat healthy

Everything is easier, and so much fun, when done with two. Take care of your bodies and your diet together. Lean on your weak moments and set a goal to make 2017 the healthiest year of your life.

Tell yourself I love you every day

They nourish your body with healthy eating, and nourish your heart with daily doses of love. Make it your goal to say “I love you” EVERY day. The important thing about this goal is consistency. Do not stop doing it because you have a disagreement or an argument.

Get your finances under control

Start the new year with a monthly budget to help you keep your finances in order. There are many resources on the Internet where you can get help creating a budget to help you manage your money effectively.

Read a marriage help book together

Even the best marriages need to reestablish their relationship from time to time with outside help. Aim to read one, two, or more marriage advice books together this year. Remember to put into practice everything you learn!

Become tourists

Make it a goal to take at least one mini vacation together. Travel and see a new place in 2017.

Connect in privacy

The most sacred aspect of your marriage is the intimate union that the two of you share. Start the new year by prioritizing your relationship and your time together. Make it your goal not to let your daily business interfere with your privacy. Get creative, find the time, find out what you enjoy and experience together. Without a doubt, your marriage will thank you!

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