11 Great And Fun Games For Your Teens

Here you will find game tips that your teens will have a blast with.

Teenagers are a lot of fun to me, because it’s so easy to see them laugh – they’re naturally happy and joyful. Your presence is enough to turn any environment into a party. However, they are also very critical, so with them it is not always easy. In fact, entertaining them is sometimes a difficult task, as they often have so much energy that we can’t keep up. Therefore, I share some tips for games so that your teenagers have fun and have a happier day.


Talk in advance about the event with your children’s friends. Notify your parents. If possible, pick them up at their homes so they don’t miss out; make posters and post them on social media, include a photo, they love that! And be sure to call or text them to remind them of the commitment.


Host a brunch (that’s halfway between breakfast and a formal meal). This idea is nice for a gathering of friends. Organize a table with a beautiful tablecloth and on it put a good amount of plates of bread, cookies, chilaquiles, pancakes, scrambled eggs, tamales, milk, juices, chocolate, fruits, pâtés, cheeses … whatever your children like the most. and her friends.


Prepare a message according to the needs of the young people or the event. Something that is not boring, but that conveys more meaning to the event. Something spiritual is always welcome. Use inspirational scriptures, videos, and / or songs.


And now yes, the games complete the fun. After they have been nurtured physically and spiritually, nothing cooler than having a little fun. I present you different options according to the tastes of your children. So the games:

1. Videogames

What most catches their attention is playing video games and TV. If possible, use something like the Kinect or the PS4, since they use the movement of the body to play, and thus we avoid a sedentary lifestyle. It is fun!

2. Board games

Board games are also very entertaining. They can play checkers, strategist, Monopoly and others. But if you want movement and more laughter, nothing like the Uno Stacko. This will make your event fill with endless fun.

3. Pop balloons

The game consists of popping the balloon by sitting on it or by pressing against the body of another person. Forms the teams and the number of people participating in the game varies according to the number of people in the event. You will have a lot of fun.

4. Fill the balloon

You continue with the same order of the teams mentioned above. Now the team that fills and pops the most balloons the fastest wins.

5. Inspiration

Now give each young man a balloon and ask him to fill it. Tell them whoever can keep their balloon full for one minute will win. Everyone will try to break everyone’s balloon and, at the same time, protect their own. It will be a great hubbub. After the minute, he calms down and reveals that no one asked for the balloons to pop, but was just holding their balloon for a minute. You will enjoy the opportunity to give a message about how everyone should take care of their own affairs, or not to hurt other people, etc.

6. Balloon volleyball

Put up a network, if possible, or something that works like a network. Now form pairs and give them a towel and a balloon filled with water. The balloon must be thrown to the other side of the net, and vice versa. This game is also a lot of fun.

7. Secret friend

Distribute the papers with everyone’s names and do the drawing. The prize will be a treat. Give them the candy and play the game, giving advice on the secret person.

8. The best gift

This work speaks of charity. Wrap a gift, a box of chocolates or something that can be shared and wrapped in wrapping paper, along with a card for the funniest friend. This friend, when opening the present, will find that under that wrapping, the gift is wrapped with another card, with the words: “Give this to your smartest friend.” How many cards and wrappers do you want to use? It depends on you. But on the last wrap it should say: “Give your gift to the most charitable friend.” And this one, when opened, will find a card that says: «Divide your gift with everyone.

9. Detective

This game is also known as the mafia game. A circle of friends is formed and a detective and a murderer are chosen. He will blink his eye at other friends, who say, “I’m dying.” If the detective finds the killer, he will say, “You are under arrest.” And if the killer finds out who the detective is, he will say, “You’re dead.”

10. Cat meow

Choose a safe place. One person in the group should be blindfolded and placed in the middle of the circle of friends. When he gets to any of the participants, he should say, “Cat, meow!” The person must meow and the blindfolded person must find out who it is. If you do, the person discovered will now be the one to go to the center blindfolded.

11. Questions and answers

You can call an adult the teens know and trust. Then they write various questions of all kinds on pieces of paper and the adult answers them. This is a great way to encourage healthy conversation.

Here are some tips for games. Remember to play them in a safe place if chosen, and where everyone respects their neighbor, that way everything that is going to happen will be healthy, safe, and your children and their friends will have a day of great fun.

_Translated and adapted from Portuguese by Oscar Pech, from 11 brincadeiras to entertain teenagers, by Carla Pinheiro Alves

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