10 Ways To Save Electricity In Your Home

Electricity is a basic household service and, therefore, you must learn to use it; this means saving a good amount of money in the long run.

What would your family do without electricity? Light is one of the basic services in the home; without it it would be difficult, if not impossible, to carry out some activities of our daily life. For the same reason, by using it at all hours we do not realize the energy waste we do, something that is reflected in the accounts payable. Then it was time to learn to use it wisely and with ten simple steps you will know how to save money, and allocate it to other aspects of your life:

1. Check the electrical installation

This is the basic point. According to the Mexican agency on the subject, CFE (Federal Electricity Commission), it is important to make sure that there are no energy leaks at home. To do this, turn off all the lights and unplug the electrical appliances; Verify that the meter does not turn and if it does, ask the agency that provides the service to review the installation of your home.

2. Compare rates

If in your country there is more than one company that offers electric power service, before signing a contract, investigate and compare prices, in order to know which one is best for you and suits your needs.

3. Acquire energy-saving bulbs

Say goodbye to traditional bulbs and switch to fluorescent lamps that provide the same intensity of illumination but with four times less energy consumption and ten times longer life than conventional bulbs. Another option is LED lights, which save up to 90 percent of the consumption that is used for electricity, and which have a life time up to 30 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

4. Don’t waste energy

Unplug electrical appliances when no one is using them. If they are not watching television, using the computer or the microwave oven, turn them off and, if possible, unplug them when they leave home; In this way you save energy and in passing you give more security to your home. Forget about the famous stand-by , since even with this function the devices continue to consume energy. Remember to also turn off the lights in the rooms when they are empty. This may cost a bit of work at first, especially for children, but over time it will become a habit that will save you a lot of money.

5. Wash and iron in moderation

Did you know that iron and washing machine are among the appliances that consume the most energy? That is why they must be used wisely. Wash every time you gather a good amount of clothes and, if possible, use only cold water, with the necessary detergent so that the engine does not work too much and avoid using the dryer. As for the iron, it is advisable to use it in one session (even if it is long) and not connect and disconnect it every time you need a garment, since this requires more energy. Ideally, iron the thick clothes first and the lightest last. You can even unplug it shortly before finishing and take advantage of the stored heat.

6. Take care of your refrigerator

It is another of the most energy consuming devices, but you cannot connect and disconnect it because the food could spoil. So the way to save is to place it away from the stove or any other source of heat, so that the temperature struggle does not make it work too much to cool food; do not leave it open longer than necessary and cool the food before putting it away to use as little energy as possible. Check that the door seals perfectly and do not forget to defrost the refrigerator (the freezer) every two months or when the ice layer exceeds five mm. You should also clean the condenser tubes located at the rear.

7. Air conditioning and heating

First analyze if you really need any of these systems, or you can acclimatize your house with a fan or nothing else by opening and closing the windows when necessary. Now, if you have one, make sure it is located in the shade, give it the necessary maintenance and do not use it with the windows open. As a recommendation, the ideal temperature should be 18 ° C (65 ° F) in winter and 25 ° C (78 ° F) in summer.

8. Use other types of energy

Using renewable energy sources will save you a few pennies. For example, take advantage of sunlight to illuminate rooms, heat water or dry clothes; while the wind serves to cool your house and save you the air conditioning system. You can also install solar cells or another alternative energy system; It can be somewhat expensive at first, but over time you will see results.

9. Rooms with their own light

You may not have considered it, but painting the rooms in your house with light colors helps you save, since the light reflects better. If you want to illuminate it even more, open the windows and let the rays fill your home with light.

10. Smart decoration

In addition to the light colors for the interior of your house, there are other tricks in decoration. Having light curtains allows a better passage of light, and if you live in warm areas it helps a greater air intake. If you are in winter or live in cold regions, choose thick curtains. You can also choose to have the two types of curtains that will give you the lighting and heat you need.

Saving energy is reflected in your pocket, you contribute to the care of the planet and you give your children a valuable lesson about preserving the environment. And you, in what way do you save light in your home?

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