10 Traits Of True Friendship

Friends are that travel companion that encourages us to continue. Are you surrounded by true friends?

Having lots of friends is very beneficial, but having a handful of sincere friendships is simply a blessing. As the years go by, you understand the true meaning of friendship and manage to get rid of false beliefs, to embrace the genuine fellowship of those who have proven to be a faithful friend.

It is in adult life that we begin to realize who the real ones are friends. Although sometimes misfortunes show us who is by our side.

I have many friends who have proven to be people worthy of my admiration and respect, and it is they who have inspired me to write this list that I want to share with you today.

Life sometimes crosses us with people to learn from them. Do not be sorry if a friendship could not be. If you worked hard for her and it still didn’t work out, maybe life wanted you to learn something from that experience. Everything is learning, and each relationship – good or bad – comes to us to cultivate with it and prepare us for the path.

If you want to know what are the traits of those true friendships, review this list, and you will learn how much you have to thank life for a sincere friendship like the one you have.

1 does not judge you

There are no inconsiderate or malicious words towards your decisions. A true friend will not judge you for what you do, but they will try to channel you if they see that your behavior is negative for your own person or for your environment.

And how does this feel? Both feel completely confident in telling each other things, knowing that they will not think badly or be sentenced for the behavior.

2 It accompanies you in silence

Sometimes the words are over. And a true friend knows it. Other times, he wants to tell you something, but he knows you, respects you and considers your own silence in order to accompany you.

A great loss can be the example, when there are no words there will be your friend or friend offering you a hug that are worth more than any phrase of encouragement.

3 He is glad of your achievements

A true friend feels fulfilled with your joys. Anyone can show you that, but you notice that it is a real happiness because that friendship encourages you to continue, motivates you to improve yourself and gets excited along with you when you achieve what you have been waiting for.

Positive words are always on the lips of someone who is a good friend; your achievements and joys are like his.

4 Feel your sadness

A loyal friend feels your pain. You see him stricken, dull, but still strong enough to help you lift. It does not stay in words, but goes to action. To help you overcome the pain (as it feels like his own) he looks for you, encourages you to come out for air, visits you and calls you often. A loyal friend is always there when you feel like your spirits are flagging.

5 does not hold a grudge

For whatever reason they may have had a problem or misunderstanding. Still, if the friendship is true, both of you will be willing toforgive and to move on with the bond of loyalty. There are no grudges, and they may even take that bad memory with humor in the future.

6 There is always a gap in the agenda

If the friendship between you is true, there will always be a time to see each other. Even in the middle of a busy day, they may have half an hour to sit down and talk and have a snack before continuing with their obligations.

7 does not seek to change you

You admire each other as you are. That is why friendship is so strong, because they feel comfortable and confident in each other. They do not even want to change, as they feed on the exquisite differences that make their friendship so rich and unique.

8 Clutter doesn’t matter

You know that a friendship is true when you invite someone over even though you haven’t had time to order. You know that he will not judge you, or pout for seeing your children’s toys on the floor. You feel a real comfort with their presence, and vice versa.

9 It is a frank and direct friendship

If they have to say it, they say it. They know each other so much that they do not say things with a filter, and they know that what they say they will always say from the heart, and with the aim of helping, uplifting,build, and never destroy. Because a true friendship is always constructive, frank and direct.

10 More than friends, brothers

You love each other as if you were of the same blood. And that makes the friendship so special, pure and lasting. But the advantage is that you did choose yourselves, and you chose to cultivate and grow the bond. They love each other like brothers, and that’s just fantastic.

Feel blessed if you have such a friendship. Never forget to care for and cultivate this bond, it is as necessary as it is rewarding. A true friendship gives you wings to dream and make those dreams come true. Share this article with your true friends!

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