10 Topics That You Should Talk To Your Daughter About Her First Courtship

If you feel uneasy because your daughter is dating a boy for the first time, this may certainly interest you.

In some stages of your daughter’s life it will be important to talk with her about the experiences she will have to live. And adolescence, without a doubt, is one of them due to the endless emotions, feelings and circumstances that are experienced at this time.

Forging new friendships, arriving at a new school, having more assignments and homework, and being attracted to the boys around her will be some of those many experiences. And in particular, when talking about those emotions and feelings that she will experience or, perhaps, that she has already felt for that special boy, you should take some time to discuss certain points with her.

Be careful, it is not about interrupting that first and wonderful infatuation. On the contrary: you must ensure that the conversation with her is aimed at exalting the positive and productive part of that unique and beautiful experience that will never be repeated.

If you are interested in knowing what are those topics that you should talk about with your daughter about her first courtship, read the following ten points carefully:

  1. Enjoy this new experience

First, let her know that you share her happiness and that because of it you want her to enjoy it to the fullest. Talk about the right ways she and that special guy can have fun, hang out, and love each other healthily.

  1. Establish your relationship on mutual respect

Explain how significant it will be for your relationship if you respect each other first and foremost; that the success of the courtship will depend on it. And if you make respect an essential requirement for that relationship -and future relationships-, everything will be better for both of you.

  1. Meet as a couple

This point is relevant: that they meet as a couple. Help her understand that through this experience both of you will learn about other aspects of who you are that you may or may not like as much.

  1. Productive appointments

Talk to her about the type of dates she will have, and that the more dynamic and productive they are, the more your relationship will be fueled by positive and beautiful moments.

  1. Goals and rules as a couple

Although it is not a permanent relationship, discuss with your daughter how important it is that together – she and her boyfriend – set goals to progress. And how this simple fact will strengthen your relationship and help you to be better.

  1. Do not put aside your academic and home obligations

If she fulfills her main obligations at school and at home, her courtship will go much better; If you set priorities, you will enjoy the time you spend with your boyfriend more.

  1. Healthy communication

Explain that by striving to have good communication with your partner, you will be laying the foundation for a healthy and beautiful courtship.

  1. In the future they will meet more people

Tactfully talk with her about the possibilities that in the future both of you will take different paths and meet different people. Emphasize the importance of not holding on to a relationship or person at such a young age.

  1. Don’t make promises that may not be kept

Talk about future promises that are usually made in the first courtships and that, on many occasions and due to various circumstances, cannot be kept. Understanding that making promises that they will marry or that they will be together forever can be very uncertain.

  1. The limits in the intimate aspect of the relationship

Setting limits in your relationship is a crucial point. You must make it clear that being so young, it is best that they protect their courtship by refraining from having intimate encounters. And it lists all the emotional complexities that come with getting involved at such a young age.

At the end of his talk, do not forget to give him a big hug and reiterate that he will always find in you a mother, friend and life advisor.

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