10 Tips To Face Your Fears And Be Braver In Life

Being brave is not the same as not feeling fear, it is having the courage to do the right thing in situations of injustice

When I was a child, I was part of a gang. It was a group of ten 11-year-old children who were on our bikes hunting adventures. Once in a while we got into trouble; they were just little pranks of kids who wanted to have fun However, I don’t remember a single time that I ran away from trouble.

Now that I think about it, I never saw myself as someone brave. I did come to see myself as someone who was pursuing justice; So much so that in an unjust situation I advocated for the needy. It was always like this, maybe that’s why I didn’t consider myself brave, until now. The truth is that the more I remember moments in my life, I see myself facing difficult situations; yes, I was scared, but I didn’t think of backing down.

What is bravery?

It is a quality that makes those who possess it have the willpower necessary to face difficult situations.

You may see brave people as those who are always willing to risk their life to save someone. Although that is true, it is not the only thing a brave person does.

Say a brave person take risks, which sometimes endangers their integrity; however, that only happens when you act impulsively.

Being brave also includes taking the initiative and going down paths few have walked. Brave people like to have new experiences, even if that may imply failure.

Now, it may be that you do not see yourself as someone brave, but deep inside you are, you just have to make bravery a habit that helps you achieve your goals and face the dilemmas that are put in front of you.

Therefore, I believe that these tips on how to make courage a habit can help you.

1 Take the risk to say what you think and feel

Many people are afraid to express what they feel or think because they do not like criticism or being judged. Despite that, fair criticism can help you be better.

Regarding feelings, it is not bad. Feeling love should not be a source of shame. Fear and anger help you get to know yourself better. All feelings and emotions connect you with your human side and help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses.

2 Give yourself a chance to have fun

Children have the ability to be happy with so little; Therefore, as an adult you have the right to bring out your relaxed side. The interesting thing is that fun invites you to take risks.

It takes courage to get on a ride, in the same way that it takes courage to allow yourself to be childish and see the world as a child would.

3 Faced with failure, don’t give up

There are times when we set out on a path and things work out right the first time, but that will not happen every time.

Yes, it is possible that many more times we decide to do something and that we fail again and again. Given this, it is good to have your eyes wide open to be able to distinguish if that decision made suits us or not. If after a while you realize that no matter how hard you try things are not going to turn out well, you’d better give it up; Giving up something also says that you are brave.

Logically, there are also goals that require better strategies and a little more effort. Starting from scratch after things do not go as expected, refers to courage and that is worthy of admiration.

4 Don’t be afraid to be an entrepreneur

A person who decides to go down a path that no one has traveled before needs to be brave to do so. When you do, you are blazing trails that others can safely follow, following your example.

5 Try not to be affected by the “what will they say”

When you constantly listen to what others say or think of you, what you do is stop yourself. You are never going to have everyone happy with your choices or your way of being; For that reason, what should be worth for your life is what you decide to be and do, of course! as long as you are on the right track.

6 face your fears

There are fears that put a brake on our goals, those fears are always good to face, otherwise you will be dominated by them and you will end up frustrated.

Suppose one of your dreams is to be an excellent swimmer but you fear the water, because you will not be able to be unless you face your fear little by little. It’s like this with every situation in life, just give yourself a chance and risk a swim. It is the same with everything that is going to be done for the first time, it is scary, but once assumed you will no longer fear.

7 Develop your self-love

When you value the person you are, you respect yourself and make yourself respected. Loving yourself provides you with the confidence that you will need if you want to take risks in life or face enemies and problems that come your way.

8 Don’t be strong, ask for help

Brave people don’t stop being brave by asking for help when they need it. Asking for help speaks to your self-knowledge, humility, and ability to connect with your more human side. Acknowledging weaknesses also makes you brave.

9 Supports

The greatest sense of courage is that it is a quality in which you not only give help to those in need, but also support.

These are not great acts of heroism, it is enough just that you can take time to listen to a friend, accompany him in his problems. Little by little you awaken that strong sense that makes you so special.

10 don’t dodge problems

Only cowards do not face problems and avoid them. Escaping from problems only prolongs them over time. Instead, when you decide to face a difficult situation, it is resolved more quickly.

We all have the ability to fight for the fair and difficult things in life. Try to implement these tips little by little in your life and you will realize that it is easy to draw that inner strength that makes you more special than you are.

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