10 Things You Must Do For Your Children To Be Good People In The Future

With small acts you can educate your child about good values ​​and guide him towards the path of good

“To educate a child you need a town” goes the saying. And it is not so wrong, because in a certain way, children are molded according to the upbringing of their parents and the environment in which they live. Raising a child is an arduous task, and if we want them to be good people tomorrow, there are certain things we must do.

Instilling values ​​in young children, such as responsibility, respect, empathy, sincerity, and solidarity, among others, is something that begins when children are just learning to walk through life, and parents should be always your example to follow.

A few days ago I found an article on Vix that proposed a series of actions to carry out if you want to raise children who will be good people in the future, that is, responsible, empathetic and supportive. I want to share that list in this note and add my personal opinion on it.

1. Maintain fluid communication

I think it is the key to achieve a better understanding of your child always. Pay attention to what he tells you, answer all his questions, and above all, be interested when he has something to tell you. Do not stop asking him about his tasks, his friendships and ask him if you can help him when you see something down or sad. That is the best way for her to know in the future that she can trust you, and thus she will be a confident and confident adult.

2. You must lead by example

If you want him to learn to be supportive, you must be it first. If you want him to learn to be patient, stay calm and be patient. You are their role model, their example, and everything you want your child to learn from you must be demonstrated in your actions. There is a phrase that I like to remember that says “You don’t care if your children don’t listen to you. They are always watching you »

3. Encourage their curiosity

Children are naturally curious and want to know and learn everything. Let me discover things; take him to places they’ve never been and let him ask you what he wants to know. If that innate curiosity is not curtailed, when he is an adult he will be a person who always wants to learn and improve himself.

4. Teach them about responsibility

Don’t do everything for them. there is an age when they can learn to take small responsibilities, such as setting the table, folding their clothes, putting away their toys, or taking care of their buckets and scoops when they are in the sandbox. Being responsible as a child, you will continue to be responsible when you grow up

5. Teach him to respect his elders

Make sure your child loves his grandparents and respects the elderly. Never look down on an older adult in front of your children and tell them about the wisdom of seniors and their importance to society. It is a good way for them to learn to respect the elderly even as they become adults.

6. Don’t stop telling him how much you love him

Often, as children grow older, many parents stop telling them how much they love them. However, reminding them how much they are loved will grow them with great self-esteem and they will always feel valued.

7. Teach him that there are no “girl” and “boy” games.

If your daughter wants to climb a tree and dress as a firefighter, and your son wants to feed the dolls, let them express themselves freely, because games are just that, games. Breaking down gender stereotypes will make them grow with a more adaptive and comprehensive awareness of their peers. My daughter plays firefighters with her younger brother, and when she is the one who plays the kitchen and the dolls, he is happy to adapt.

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8. Make sure they are grateful

“Thank you mommy for the delicious food you cooked for me” my little 3-year-old son told me yesterday, and I floated with love. In addition to teaching them to say thank you, you have to teach them the value of what the concept means, as it can help them to be grateful to others and to life itself in the future. Gratitude is a great virtue in a person.

9. Encourage solidarity and empathy

Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is something that children naturally struggle with. But there is nothing that the power of time and perseverance cannot achieve. Make sure your child sees how you care about the situation of others and what you do about it. Together you can select old toys or clothes to give to charity, it will be a good example that you will never forget.

10. Help him but don’t do it for him

We all want our children to meet their goal and see their happy faces. However, in those moments of frustration, where you cannot find the piece of the puzzle, or you cannot fit a toy or you cannot draw what you want to draw, it is not a good idea to do it for him, but to encourage him to reach his goal of the best way by emphasizing perseverance and effort.

There are no recipes for raising a child, but if it is done with love and determination, the sowing will fall on fertile ground. What else would you add to this list to make your child a good person in the future?

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