10 Signs You Are In The Right Relationship

Even if you run into an obstacle in your marriage, these ten signs will tell you if you are on the right track.

A crisis can strike any relationship unexpectedly and shake even the strongest of unions. No matter how close you are to your partner, doubt can creep into your head clouding your vision of what a perfect match was. So how do you really know if you are in a good relationship? Here are some ways to find out:

1. Moral support

When your friends and family want to see you with your partner, it is a good sign. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see things that are too close to you and in which you have invested too much emotionally, to see them clearly. Don’t base the value of your relationship on the opinion of others, but listen to the people you love and respect.

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2. Argue reasonably

When there is an argument, it is reasonable. Their arguments lead to problem solving, while still appreciating the other’s feelings and needs.

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3. They don’t fight over old disagreements.

Your disagreements are new disagreements. The problems of the past have already been solved and are not talked about again. The resentments of the past are not mixed with the new ones and the past guilts are no longer mentioned.

4. Commitment and united work

Both are willing to get down to business. They begin to solve the conflictive issue at the moment and work on it until it is solved.

5. Grow together

You and your partner evolve together emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Developing a closer relationship is easy when this happens and is the natural course of your relationship.

6. You trade for the right reasons

They are both naturally changing for the better, because they are happier in this new unit. You don’t change because he asked you to change and certainly not to keep him. Maybe you never wanted children and now you are dying to be a mother; maybe he always needed space alone and now, being away from you feels incomplete.

7. Partners for life

You can’t imagine life without it. And you know he feels the same about you. They go together on all the important projects.

8. Tokens of love

The classic “I love you” you say it effortlessly. You can’t not say it: it would hurt too much. Needless to say, you want to do it and you like him to hear it. It’s the same for him. Over time, one discovers that there are many, many ways to say “I love you,” with and without words.

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9. Spiritual connection

There is a cosmic force that holds them together when they start to move away. It is inexplicable, but it happens and they always end up more united.

10. Love is blind

You cannot imagine being with someone else and you are not interested in developing relationships with anyone else. Nobody compares to your partner. You may have some physical attraction to someone and it will surprise you, but the desire for intimacy or emotional connection does not develop with anyone else.

Knowing if you are in the right relationship can be difficult. If you are one of those who does not know what you have until you lose it, keep your eyes open and see the blessings you have together. Let this list encourage you to keep going and keep the faith, when the going gets tough. You can build a beautiful home for yourself and your family when you appreciate everything and everyone around you.

_Translated and adapted into Spanish by Miriam Aguirre from the original article in English 1 0 signs you are in the right relationship by Georgia Lee

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