10 Reasons Why Your Older Sister Is So Important In Your Life

Thank you sister for always being by my side, for taking care of me and extending your hand when I have needed it.

I am a very lucky woman to have an older sister, only two years apart and living most of our lives together. I have to confess that we are very different, like water and oil. However, despite having different ideologies, tastes and interests, I cannot conceive of my life without it.

During childhood we were best friends, companions in games and adventures. As we grew older we became rivals, we almost always competed to defend our ideas and perspectives of seeing life. But now as adults, our love has become unconditional.

Without fear of being wrong, I can say that for most of the people who have an older sister, their life has been simpler and more pleasant; I even know that as a younger sister we are willing to give our lives if necessary, just to see her happy.

There are many reasons why they become important and fundamental in our life, such as:

1 they will never turn their back on you

It doesn’t matter that their differences are huge or that they have spent most of their lives separated by misunderstandings, since an older sister will never turn her back when she knows that you need her support. On more than one occasion, she will come to the rescue to defend you and help you get ahead, becoming the most important person for you.

2 it’s your first friendship

Your older sister has been the first friendship relationship you know, perhaps at one point she became your hero, your example to follow and imitate. Surely she your idol, as she decided the games they should play, the adventures they should experience, and the mischief they had to do for fun.

Like all friends, many times they fought; however, they learned to forgive each other and respect each other, as there was no better partner for fun.

3 understands you

Dr. Terri Apter, child psychologist and author of The Sister Kno t,states that siblings know you better than anyone. She lived with you most of the time, she knows exactly how you are, when you feel angry, sad, happy or in love. Even, surely they have had to go through the same family problems, which allowed them to unite and understand each other.

For example, my sister and I face the grief of having lost our parents, which has strengthened us to unite more, she is the only person who can understand my pain, since we share the same regret.

4 Trust

Your sister will make you feel comfortable being yourself every time you are with her, you will not have to pretend, since she knows you perfectly. The trust that exists between you has been year after year more intense and stronger. She will always be willing to listen to you, she will even expose her points of view to whatever situation you are facing and give you solutions.

With your sister you will have the deepest and most honest conversations, since she will not judge or criticize you, since she knows you very well; so your secrets will be safe with her.

5 does not let you fall

It will always give you a helping hand to not let yourself collapse before anything or anyone, it will become your strength when you feel that you can no longer. Your sister will not allow anything bad to happen to you and that is why you will always count on her unconditional help and support, at least to give you a hug and encourage you to find solutions to your problems.

6 it confronts you with reality

It may be that you are a very dreamy or naive person, so sometimes you do not see the reality of things. She, for her experience and love, will make you face the sweetest or harshest reality.

It is not because your sister has the absolute truth or reason in everything, however, because of the love she feels for you, she is committed to making you immensely happy. In addition, she can see with another perspective different from yours, making you understand that you are making mistakes.

7 A permanent home

Life takes many turns, just as you can find yourself at the top you can fall. Even though you and your sister no longer live together, you know perfectly well that you will always have the doors of your house open for when you need it. It is your second refuge, a place where you can feel comfortable, even when you go with your whole family to visit it.

8 an accomplice

Since they were little, she has surely avoided accusing you of any mischief you have committed. She will always be your best friend, that person who keeps your most intimate secrets, your follies and adventures. Perhaps he is not one hundred percent in agreement with your actions, however, he will never say a single word to anyone of what you do or do not do.

9 Gifts and more gifts

In my home we have the habit of giving away things that we no longer need; For this reason, my sister always thinks of me before anyone else and gives me gifts of the things she no longer uses, such as clothes, makeup, accessories, perfumes or shoes. Even when she goes on a trip or shopping she always surprises me with some detail.

10 Sincerity

You may not like her sincerity and honesty very much, but she will always tell you when you look really bad. Without criticizing you, she will expose her points of view and help you to improve in any aspect, both physical and emotional.

Having an older sister is a great blessing and gift that life gives us ; We will never be alone and we will always have unconditional love and support. It does not matter if they have different ideas or may have conflicts, remember that the family bond that unites them is unbreakable.

Thank you sister for always being by my side, for taking care of me and extending your hand when I have needed it!

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