10 Habits You Have When You Suffer In A Moment Of Anxiety That Can Harm You More Than You Think

Many of us do not recognize them and do not realize that this is what makes us feel miserable and drive everyone away or lose everything.

People in general when they are in a state of anxiety are very prone to doing certain actions involuntarily, many of them, which can seriously harm their health. If you know yourself well and you know what yours are, I invite you to see this list of the most common and their terrible consequences.

1. Cheilophagia

It is the sucking of lips unconsciously and continuously. It is a tic on the lips that consists of constantly biting them. It can cause chapped and dry lips, bad odor and taste from saliva, ulcers, fibroids, retention cysts or cancer.

2. Onychophagia

It consists of biting the nails that can occur from childhood to adulthood, intensifying over the years, causing pain in the fingers, infections and bleeding around the nails.

3. Bruxism

It is when a person clenches or grinds their teeth, slides them back and forth, one over the other. It can cause jaw and ear pain, anxiety, tension, insomnia and tooth sensitivity for some foods and their temperatures.

4. Trichotillomania

It is a recurring behavior that consists of pulling hair or hair out of anxiety, to feel pleasure or release of tension, which can cause its loss, weakening or deterioration.

5. Excoriation

It occurs when the skin is pressed, rubbed, scratched or burrowed in periods of anxiety or tension, which can cause an infection, scar, or even disfigurement.

6. Trichotemnomania

It refers to compulsive haircutting that unlike trichotillomania, a tool is used for its purpose such as the use of scissors or a razor.

7. Dermatophagia

These people compulsively bite the skin, lip, nails or the skin that surrounds them. They bite and chew the inside of their mouth on both the cheeks and lips causing blisters inside and outside of the mouth. They are also prone to developing infections.

8. Rhinotillexomania

It occurs when the person picks his nose in a pathological and compulsive way. Because the nose and nasal passages are located very close to the brain and share the same blood supplies, an infection can be more serious, there may be bleeding and a perforation in the septum.

9. Trichophagia

It is a compulsive urge to ingest hair or hair. This is usually accompanied by tricholomania. It presents gastric problems, alterations in the mucosa or deficit of substances that could metabolize and expel the swallowed hair.


It is the pompulsive need to pick or pick nails. Its constant destruction can cause onychodystrophy, which is a malformation of the nails, or paronychia, the inflation of the tissue that surrounds the nail or a discoloration of it.

The damage that occurs doing this habit will depend on the intensity, frequency and duration. Any of these habits that are performed constantly (not only when there is pressure) can hurt you more than you think, so it is advisable to pay close attention to what you do unconsciously and try to control it. But if your problem is more serious, don’t think twice and go to a specialist before it’s too late.

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