10 Essential Things You Learn When Doing Your Family History

Family history teaches some essential truths that you need to know in this world. How much of this information have you learned after working on your family history?

With the advent of Event Indexing around the world, take a moment to learn why you should work on your family history in the first place, and then take a look at what you’ve learned. You may be surprised to learn that these truths, which are common sense to you, are not understood or believed by others as easily as you.

Diligence makes miracles happen

Often times, family history can be frustrating when all the doors seem to close until you finally find a clue. However, in the process, you learn that you have to work for the things that are worthwhile in this life. The work you put in is what really makes the end result more worthwhile.

There is no person in the world more unique than you

Your story is made up of a lot of stories, some very similar to others, but still your story is exclusive. Family history not only opens the doors of connections, it also provides a greater understanding of your individuality.

You can’t do this alone

Finding specific records can be a challenge that requires you to ask for help. But in the process you realize that it’s not so bad to ask for help when you can’t do something on your own.

Family ties go beyond death

The more you learn about your ancestors, the more real they are to you. Even those family members that you never had a chance to meet become people who suddenly become real in your mind and heart.

There is good in this world

Stories of hope unfold before your eyes through genealogical records, making them the perfect way to feel better when the world seems to have lost its goodness.

Your family is not perfect

Not only do you find out about the good things about your family while doing your genealogy, but you also discover the dark side. Every family has one. Surprisingly, learning that your ancestors were imperfect helps you not feel so burdened by the imperfections in your family today. It gives you hope that things will turn out well.

Nothing beats service after a bad day

When you’re feeling a little sad, there’s no better choice than to sit down and do a little family history. You may wonder if you are actually rendering any service to your ancestors, especially when you feel that they provide the service to you by encouraging you on those sad days.

Family relationships take a lot of work

Sometimes you spend hours searching for your ancestors, only to later realize that strengthening the bonds of family relationships you have now takes just as long (if not more).

This world is so much bigger than just you

With the world’s population continually growing, we might think that people know that they are not the center of the universe. However, human beings often tend to be as selfish as they have been in the past, perhaps more so. The cure? When someone takes the time to do activities where they are not the focus, like family genealogy, they begin to see that they are not the only important thing in the world.

Family matters

You came across horror stories and love stories. Stories that inspire you, stories that make you cry. You learn a lot while doing your family history, but the key learning is that family is one of those things that matters more than others.

Share with your friends and family what you’ve learned doing family history, and get them excited to participate in the Worldwide Indexing Event, which will take place July 15-17. Stay a part of something that really matters!

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