10 Details That Reaffirm You As The Best Wife, Mother And Woman On The Planet

Do you feel insecure in your role as a mother, wife or woman? This article will help you realize how wonderful you are.

When things are not going as well in your marriage as you would like, you immediately question your role as wife, mother and woman. You don’t know if you are doing things the way you suppose they should be. You even make the mistake of comparing yourself to your mother, sisters or friends, in order to have an alternate perspective on how to make everything work better. But let me tell you that it is not valid for you to compare yourself with other people, they do things their way and you do yours, and that does not mean that it is wrong, so do not let yourself be filled with insecurities.

Believe me, many problems that may arise within your relationship rarely have to do with not giving your best effort within your home or with your partner or in your important role as a mother, you know that well.

So, before being so hard on yourself, continuing to accuse yourself as a terrible wife, poor mother, or carefree woman, take heart! At some point you will be appreciated for the invaluable person that you are. Meanwhile, I invite you to discover ten aspects that make you the best wife, mother and woman the planet has ever known:

1. You get excited about their successes and support them in their failures

You love your family, so you try to be joy in their triumphs and support in their failures. You know very well that if your husband gets a promotion at her job, the family will progress; Just as when your children win a school recognition, everyone will undoubtedly have a great time.

Your husband, and even your children, may sometimes take it out on you for their frustrations and problems outside the home. I invite you not to get frustrated, talk to them, demand the respect you deserve and from time to time let them know that there are not two like you.

2. You enjoy your family time

Whether it’s a movie you’ve seen hundreds of times or a soccer game (a sport you don’t like), you still “sacrifice” yourself just for the sheer pleasure of seeing your children or husband have a good time, live together and talk.

3. As a wife, you have put your husband first

Although it may seem absurd, you have made sure that he occupies the first place in your life. That, in one way or another, explains the reasons why you try to have his clothes on time, wait for him for dinner, and be willing to sacrifice for him in every way possible. This is because you know that at some point the children will follow their path and your husband will be almost your only company.

4. You love being independent

You are not only a wife and a mother, you are a woman and you deserve time for yourself. It is not being selfish, it is understanding that you also need to leave home, see and do other things that make you happy. You like to be with your husband and your children, but you are fully capable of doing other activities by yourself and that, in the long run, they will thank you because you grow as a person and a woman.

5. You are fun

Not because you are a mom and a wife, have you lost your sense of humor, what’s more, you love making them laugh, you have a great time watching comedy shows and some of your children’s antics amuse you.

6. You know how to keep their secrets

You know things about your husband and your children that are very important to them, you recognize that it is a sign of their love for you and the trust they have in you. For that reason you guard them with zeal, you do not break a promise made and if it is the case, “die” with you or even forget it until when necessary.

7. You know his friends and you really appreciate them

A sign that you are doing things more than well is that you know both your husband’s friends and those of your children, they come to your house and treat you in a kind and respectful way because they appreciate you and feel comfortable with you.

8. You pray for your family

In the morning, at night, when they leave home or are with friends, you always have them in your prayers. You love them, and what better way to show that you do it when you care about them and want them to always be protected by God, that is something you will never stop doing, even if they have left home.

9. You value your time with them

You know that life is not safe, so you make sure that every second you spend together is worth it. You love watching them sleep, preparing their favorite foods, and correcting their path when you feel like they’ve strayed, and that makes you UNIQUE.

10. You take care of yourself as much as of them

You try to be healthy and beautiful for yourself and for them. You are aware that you are the backbone of your home and that they depend on you to feel loved and safe, for that reason and for more circumstances you are aware of you.

There are so many things that make you special that you should not wait to be recognized, you know it and that is enough to endure the toughest tests that appear on the road. Set your heart to be happy.

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