10 Beautiful Gifts That A Baby Will Bring To Your Life

If you have wanted to, put your fears aside and dare to be parents. Invite little angels to live with you.

After an arduous Zumba session, Alma shared with us: “I have been married for four years. My husband and I work, and even though we don’t have children yet, that’s how we are happy. All family and friends always ask us the same thing: ‘When are they going to have children?’ We love children, but we have not decided yet, we are afraid. My husband is not sure if he is a good father: he does not know if we can give him everything he needs. And I, the truth, I am afraid of the pregnancy, the pain, the symptoms, that my husband no longer likes it … My friends tell me that everything is compensated as soon as she is born, but her words do not convince. me … »

Will it be very difficult to have a baby?

All pregnancies are different. A single woman can experience them differently with all of her children. To say that it is easy to bring a human being would be to lie to you. It’s not easy at all, that’s why I share ten effects that a baby produces that make anything worthwhile:

1. Astonishment

It is always amazing how a newborn impacts everyone. It is a miracle of life that a person achieves, in the midst of discomfort, pain and anguish.

2. Extension

A creature is always the extension of two people and their respective families, due to the resemblance to them both physically and in character.

3. Gratitude

The little ones surround their charms emitting sounds, babbling, making gestures and with the occasional mischief that from that age they usually do without knowing it.

4. Dependency

Parents become more responsible and careful knowing that someone else (so small) is 100 percent dependent on them.

5. Fortress

Having a baby at home makes you stronger. If the parents are fearful of an animal or insect, the child injects them with that courage to face anything.

6. Improved health

When you are single, you don’t worry about many things, including health. But as soon as there is a little one at home, things change and health takes on an important role in his life.

7. Transformation

It is resounding, a baby brings out the best in you as a human being. It provides a special energy to have the desire to live fully, to be more successful, more joyful, etc.

8. Sixth sense

This sense tends to develop naturally mainly in women. When infants have a fever, pain, or some other type of discomfort, mothers often feel it.

9. Guide

The child little by little leads his parents. A real example is crying. Every baby’s way of crying is different when they are hungry, cold, hot, in pain, or when they require a diaper change.

10. Vision

The environment is perceived differently, the issues that were not relevant are now. It becomes more human.

Any change produces fear and even more so when it is unknown what this may imply in our personal life. What they can tell us will never be the same, what each of us can live for.

Remember that famous phrase: “When a newborn child squeezes his father’s finger for the first time, he has it trapped forever.”

Children capture the hearts of their parents in the most charming way.


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